Is This You?

By Jen Sirchuk

Carly and Jen, SURFING’s dearly departed summer interns, earning that course credit. Photo: Taras

Dear the next me,

I'm SURFING's current intern. We are looking for you. Sadly the time has come and my internship is over. And although I see it unfeasible, someone must fill my shoes. It seems daunting but I promise, it is possible to become an intern at SURFING Magazine. The first step is making a résumé and sending it over. Show these guys what you got so they know you're the one for the job. And don't "To Whom it May Concern" that shit. Be real. You are also required to love surfing and be eligible to get college credit.

Your job as an intern will include, but is not limited to, the following duties:

· Conducting interviews

· Transcribing interviews

· Research

· Writing

· Attending events

· Drinking

· Organizing the office

Don't worry though, you won't have to get coffee. It's already made.

The old you

We’re obligated to clarify that “drinking” is not officially an intern duty. Otherwise, yeah, what she said. Interested/interesting college students, please send your stuff to taylor (at) We have openings for editorial, marketing, and art direction interns. Please don’t be shitty to work with. —SURFING