Although the majority of hype lately has gravitated toward KS Wave Co’s wondrous creation (and deservedly so), the folks behind the Basque Country’s original Wavegarden and Surf Snowdonia in Wales have exported their operations to Austin, Texas to make the NLand Surf Park. NLand, founded by beer heir Doug Coors, is well on its way beating KS to the title of the first surf park of its kind to open to the American public.

Just this morning, the New York Times published the short clip you see above along with a lengthy story covering the park’s potential as well as the artificial wave industry’s fate as a whole. Parker Coffin does a few wiggles, Nathaniel Curran gets his groove on, and the waves versatility from a chest high (almost) barrel to a Waikiki dribbler is put on display. The takeaway was wholeheartedly positive and the future painted by both Coors and the reporter was a vibrant one.

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 9.11.41 AMNLand’s founder, and stud lifeguard, Mr. Doug Coors. Photo: NY Times

As it stands, the NLand park’s only snag right now is deliberating with county officials on what the pool will be classified as. If it is held under the same sanitary regulations as a normal public swimming pool, which is what the county demands, an elaborate (aka expensive) filtration system will need to be installed to handle the 11 million gallon body of water.

It’s “much delayed”, as the reporter puts it, but with the bureaucratic stuff on its way to sorted, we should be seeing the NLand Park open its doors sometime within the near future.