Alas! Peace has finally been reached between the NLand Surf Park and the red tape of Travis County. Nland’s founder, beer heir Doug Coors, will celebrate the long-awaited grand opening of his 14 million gallon wonder this Friday, October 7th.

In an article published this morning in the Austin Business Journal, Travis County commissioner Margaret Gomez states that, "NLand represents innovation in technology, sustainability and sport. While this innovation outpaced regulation, I am glad an agreement was reached as this project represents the best of Austin,"

So, here we are. Days away from the brink of a movement that could deliver quality waves to the most land-locked plains of America. I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t be more curious as to how the reception of Austin’s wave park will play out. Will there be lines of people flooding the gates? Will the pool’s operations prove sustainable? Will NLand steal the spotlight from Slater’s tech in this strange, emerging market? These are questions that only time holds the answer to. Mitch Crews, Yadin Nicol and Parker Coffin, who all hold a short cameo in the above clip, have vouched for the wave’s quality.

For an hour session, surf passes will range from $60-$90 (Which include a surfboard). If you want to to surf the outside, more critical section of the wave, the “Reef Wave” as they refer to it, that’s going to cost you $90. For the “Bay and Inside Waves” that’s going to run you $60. For more beginner/intermediate surfers, there will be coaching sessions. The pricing for those goes as follows:


Do you plan on packing your bags for Austin this Friday? Have you already had yourself a splash in NLand’s waters? We want to know. Check back in here as more news will surely trickle in, but until then, cowabunga my friends.

For more info, check out their website right here.