Baby Cobras Contest Finalists Announced: Young Scribes

Introducing Baby Cobras

The public has spoken, and it’s voice has been heard. The kind-hearted Facebook community has reached its hand into a pit of snakes and selected five serpents from the depths of the writing entries. But wait, surprise! We have selected one wildcard from each category. Elementary math has taught us that we now have six hopeful young scribes moving on to the next round. It’s like making it to Hollywood in American Idol, but without that mean British guy. Being the celebratory bastards we are, we would like to commend all of our beautiful finalists. We would also like to invite you to check out their work. Maybe then you could commend them too — unless you’re mean and British.

Without further fluff, we give you the six writing finalists. They will be given the chance to edit their work and resubmit for final judging by the SURFING staff. We’ll announce the winner on November 1st.

Young Scribes:

Paul Cole, North Carolina: “By noon the tide had turned my White Whale into a formless wall of mush. As I made my way in a question was raised in my salt infused brain. Who would ever believe me? An image came beckoning to answer that question. The image of a tyrannical captain with a double-breasted wool coat and a greasy black beard. The image of Captain Ahab.”

Would Melville have been more successful if he surfed? Let’s find out.

Scott Sanders, Florida: “I have been through my fair share of heckling and confrontations, a rite of passage. After years of going there, I now find it to be a place where I can go to be alone and escape the ‘real world’ or to find a good story to listen to from the local guys.”

Everybody sues everybody nowadays. Did fancy lawyers kill off localism? Scott’s spooky tale answers that question.

Garrett English, California: “A change occurs. And one that isn’t so easy to bounce back from. I suppose I first noticed it years ago after scoring myself a ticket for underage drinking during a trip up north. Court ordered AA appearances were in my near future, and my dad, who had about ten years experience in the field at that point, decided he’d let me in on one of the native sober populations’ little secrets: the surfers’ meeting”

Burn out or fade away. Did Neil Young pick the right option? Find out here.

Kimmy Bettinger, California: “We were about to call it quits and turn around when we looked to our right and saw a wave bounce off a rock, wedge up, and barrel perfectly. My sister freaked, we HAD to pull over. I freaked too, but for a different reason: I recognized the wave from watching reruns of Shark Week a few days before.”

Does the Discovery Channel ruin everything? See what Kimmy thinks.

Leslie Kerby, California: “A Pelican glides by cruising so low I can almost touch it, as if to remind me the gaps bring blessings, too. As the period between sets drags on, I slowly but surely find myself taking it all in. The bright sun, the icy splashes against my skin, the salty taste in my mouth, the low rumble of the ocean, all lull me into a dreamy daze.”

Wanna know what it’s to be surrounded by sea? Tell ‘em, Leslie!


K.C. Libman, California: “At the least you get an upturned nose from those who busy themselves climbing Hollywood social ladders rather than climbing the sand hill that leads from the water to Torrance’s south parking lot.”

Surf spots, like significant others, can provide a unique feeling of relief. Is the lust the same? Here’s what K.C. has to say.

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