Baby Cobras: On Location in Hawaii

Words: Beau Flemister
Photos and Captions: Mike Killion

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The winners in film, photography and essay of the 2012 Baby Cobras contest are here in Hawaii. Them...and Carlos Motherf–king Santana. You know, just cause. All of them are killing it. Almost all of them have never been to the North Shore. Our winner in film, Matt Payne took the initiative within the first few hours. I'd dropped him off at the Nike-Hurley or whatever-it's-called house, blinked, and he was already off filming Kolohe at Off The Wall. Lately he's been walking around with his camera and a 1970s tape recorder like a one-man production unit and his audience is eating it up. Even Slater. The Great Lake's Mike Killion traded in his winter parka for a tank top and hasn't looked back since. Just last night I saw him catch a candid moment in the $5 parking lot behind the SURFING house with Vans World Cup winner Adam Melling. Adam and his babe paid $5 to park with the rest of the tourists. Go figure. Our writer-cobra, Garrett English had strict and specific directions from us to "get amongst it." And amongst it he is, gonzo on Ke Nui with a moleskin and a dream, black nail polish and all. Last but not least, Carlos Santana's been getting his frog legs wet out at fairly solid Pipe and Off the Wall, gettin' those toe knuckles blistered. He is excited every second of every day and we like that. Yes, they're here, enjoying their prize and living aloha. By 5pm today they should all have their glistening new Maika'i cards. --Beau Flemister