Bali In Between

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In Round 1 of the Oakley Pro Bali, we saw John John reinvent the alley-oop. In Round 2, we saw Ace Buchan reinvent the floater. Such great execution of ingenuity is exhausting, and with a sleepy Indian Ocean, the competition was forced to take a sabbatical until (most likely) Monday. But Bali never sleeps, and it rarely ever blinks, so the music kept on playing. And the beat sounded like this.

Thursday was a bad day for Orange County. Brett Simpson lost to wildcard Putra Hermawan and Kolohe Andino lost to Matt Wilkinson. But that didn't mean Thursday had to be a bad night for Orange County. That eve, stadium lights shined brightly upon Keramas and a crew of pros paddled out for a session of expression. Seabass, Kolohe and Melling flared, but it was Bede Durbridge who won the damn thing. He stuck a flashy air-reverse, hardy har harring at those brazen folk who say he won't leave the lip.

But what fun is night surfing if there isn't a party on the beach? While Bede was out there scalping dudes, the festivities at Komune were in full force. A disk jockey came and played the music that young people like. There were girls on top of girls on top of guys. And by the end of the night, Bintang's stock had risen five points. It officially surpassed Michelob Ultra in the dungeon of the world's most unpalatable beers.

Ever since the party, the vibe around the event has been cheerful and relaxed. Mick wakes the sun up every morning and drags the old star out of bed to come surf with him. John John has also been surfing Keramas daily, landing things that probably aren't possible. Issac Newton hates him. Most other folks have been casually surfing around the isle and enjoying the extravagant life of Bali. Living posh in Indo isn't a luxury; it's the standard. With a laughable price tag on glories like villas and massages, it's hard not to live like a king. Speaking of which, I wonder what Kelly Slater is doing. I miss him. --Brendan Buckley