Bedsheet Boardstraps

Bedsheet Boardstraps with Craig Anderson
Photos: Nate Lawrence

Creative traveling with Craig Anderson

By Chas Smith

Nate Lawrence and I are driving Craig Anderson from the Gold Coast to Sydney. We will surf and film and write etc. It is an eight hour drive, he has a board coffin filled with four boards. Three have glassed on fins. So unruly! So pregnant! And Craig Anderson doesn't have any straps.

He realized this predicament the night before our departure. He called friends and asked. He thought about going and buying some but drank a little instead. Then he went out with girls. When he returned, late, he had the same problem. So he tore his bed apart and ripped the sheet into six strips. He tied three of the strips together creating three long strips. Then he fell asleep.

Early the next morning Nate Lawrence and I arrived at Craig's. He came out dragging his sheets and said, "Once we hit the highway these things are going to fly off." He was a little hung over and slightly depressed. Nate tied expert knots. I laughed because it looked like Craig just escaped from a mental institution.

Craig Anderson goes strapless.

We spent the next three days driving everywhere. Cruising down the coast at 120 kph (74ish mph). Driving over speed bumps. Taking the boards on and off for surfs.

On the third morning I had to get at the airport so early. We were late. It was pouring rain and there was an earthquake epicentered right at us (in the town of Forester). We tied the boards on in minutes and flew down an empty rain slicked highway at 150 kph (95ish mph) while the rain poured and the earth quaked. I got to the airport just on time! I turned around and Craig, sitting shotgun, gave me a thumbs up. His eyes wild. The sheets looked so white and perfectly taut.

Bedsheet boardstraps are one reason Craig Anderson is cooler than you. Helicopter airs are another.