Behind the Section: Peter Devries


Every section has a story…this is Peter’s.

We’re sitting in the final editing room and Peter Devries sends us an email. “Surf’s gonna be perfect up here tomorrow…is it too late to add more waves?”

Yeah, we get this a lot.

“Really good waves are hard to find in Canada,” explains Pete Devries’ filmer Jeremy Koreski. “You really have to be on it. We kept filming the whole year and also took a trip to Chile for some extra waves.”

Pete and Jeremy took their Innersection serious, eh. Following up his outta-nowhere Coldwater Classic win, Devries exploded into Spring Round with a bullet. Total domination. The section seemed so cool (and cold), it was hard to imagine where they’d take it from there. I jokingly suggested they try to get closer to some of their local wildlife. You know, bald eagles, grizzly bears, orcas…

“Yeah, that’s what we’re doing,” said Peter.

I almost made them sign a waiver, then I remember they’re in Canada. And they’re a little crazy. They’ll be fine, eh.

“It’s a little freaky when large groups of sea lions are swimming through the lineup and you can’t see what’s going on beneath you,” says Jeremy. “Especially when you’re not on a board. But we didn’t have too many run-ins.”

Pete’s re-made wildlife section is quite a ride, with a chilly sense of place and shiver of Arctic shred that has to be seen to be appreciated. If you’re in Tofino this Friday, Pete will be hosting his local premier at Shelter Restaurant. If you’re watching it somewhere (anywhere) warmer, bring a beanie to enjoy this one properly.
–Nathan Myers