Surf: Miniscule with winds that make you want to stay in the car
Events held: Trials done, main event on hold
Nature's Call: I'll be ready for ya in a few days, mate
Predicted: After staying indoors for so long, the boys are gonna be ready to go off

Spectators huddled behind north scaffolding walls to catch a glimpse of the whirlpool-like conditions plaguing the Rip Curl Pro at Bells. With a stiff, stubborn wind that won't quit and a complete lack of swell, Torquay natives and the top 44 alike are keeping a watchful eye on the weather/surf forecast maps.

"I reckon Thursday they will run it," says one Bells local.

"Nah, mate. With this high [pressure system] sittin' off the coast, we might as well go to the pub 'til Monday," answers another.

While some are trying to figure out what to do until the first comp horn rings, some are content just waiting and soaking in the WCT experience. Young Ben Dunn emerged victorious at the Rip Curl Pro at Bells Trials, which was forced to move to Gannamatta. Two hours of driving, an hour ferry ride, 4 straight heat victories later, and the 19-year old Aussie phenom awaits the current world champion in Andy Irons and the current WCT leader in Mick Fanning for his first round heat. "All I need is Parko or Occy thrown in there," Dunn laughed. "They sure as hell aren't makin' it easy on me, are they?"

Also joining Ben Dunn in the main event by way of trials is Brazilian sensation Jean De Silva. Like Dunn, the 19-year old goofy foot trounced the competition in his first three heats, only to be edged out of the winners' circle by a fired-up Dunn. Joining the young guns in the final were veterans Tom Curren and Kieren Perrow, who finished third and fourth respectively.

Time will tell if the wind and waves will cooperate for the boys, or if they will be forced to fight for standing room in the wind-protected area of the north scaffolding.