Surf: Head high, mixed up, and stormy
Events Held: Women's Rounds 1-3
Nature's Call: Grab your windbreaker, best grovel board or kite, mate
Predicted: With wind comes waves

The flags continued to crack today at the Rip Curl Pro/SPC Fruit Pro at Bells. After waiting out virtually unsurfable conditions for the last few days, the women played the role of guinea pigs, as they tested out the testy conditions of Torquay's premier break.

Despite the imperfect playing field, Sofia got her groove back. After suffering three consecutive losses within the last month to teenage Aussie sensations Stephanie Gilmore and Jessi Miley-Dyer, Sofia found her World Champion form to fend off a fired-up Miley-Dyer.

Not to take anything away from Jessi; just days after sealing victory at the SPC Fruit Pro Trials, Miley-Dyer's backside attack in round one was not only good enough to beat the reigning World Champ, but it had the beach claiming the 18-year old to resemble a feminine Mick Lowe. However, in round 3, Sofia's superior wave choice and ability to smoothly skate through the flats had the judges penciling her in for Round 4.

While the women duked it out on the mushy peaks of Bells, the top 44 have been getting a little restless. Rumors had it that the stiff winds of Torquay smashed all confidence {{{CJ}}} Hobgood had in his golf game. A-listers like A. Irons, Cory Lopez, Damien Hobgood, amongst others can be found at the lone Mexican Food joint in Torquay on a daily basis. "With this wind, there hasn't been much to do," 'CT new kid Timmy Reyes said while preparing to eat his burrito. "I've been eating here like three times a day."

If the flags continue to whip like they have, it wouldn't be shocking to see the world's best opting to use their beefier boards come comp day; Mex food isn't exactly on the light side of the menu.