Round 1 IS ON todayWith no more time left in the waiting period, it has come down to this: Round 1 must begin today. Without holding any heats over the first 7 days of the waiting period, the contest is now in a “Must Go” situation.The event has been re-located to Phillip Island, an area near the Melbourne area that can accomidate just about any direction of wind and swell into contestable conditions.Since the event is in such a remote location, results may not be available until the end of the day. Stay tuned.

It is highly likely the schedule will like take place as follows: (all dates are Australian East Coast time)Tuesday March 29th: Round 1
Wednesday March 30th: Round 2
Thursday March 31st: Round 3
Friday April 1st: Round 4, Quarterfinals, Semifinals and Final

Peterson Rosa
Dean Morrison
Raoni Monteiro

Heat # 2
Damien Hobgood
Fredrick Patacchia
Toby Martin

Heat # 3
Sunny Garcia
Troy Brooks
Shea Lopez

Heat # 4
Nathan Hedge
Richard Lovett
Luke Stedman

Heat # 5
Taj Burrow
Bruce Irons
Tim Reyes

Heat # 6
Luke Egan
Phillip MacDonald
Kirk Flintoff

Heat # 7
{{{CJ}}} Hobgood
Trent Munro
Renan Rocha

Heat # 8
Andy Irons
Mick Fanning
Ben Dunn

Heat # 9
Joel Parkinson
Tom Whitaker
Jean da Silva

Heat #10
Kelly Slater
Chris Ward
Jamie O’Brien

Heat #11
Jake Paterson
Taylor Knox
Lee Winkler

Heat #12
Mark Occhilupo
Darren O’Rafferty
Victor Ribas

Heat #13
Michael Lowe
Neco Padaratz
Tim Curran

Heat #14
Cory Lopez
Marcelo Nunes
Bede Durbidge

Heat #15
Kalani Robb
Shane Beschen
Paulo Moura

Heat #16
Daniel Wills
Greg Emslie
Travis Logie