Benji Weatherley On The Bag

The 2014 PGA Tour tee'd off in Oahu last weekend, and last year's tour runner up, Adam Scott, brought Benji Weatherley along as his caddy. During the Golf Channel's four-day live broadcast Benji received just as much airtime as Adam, and the duos on-hand support group for the final day included Kelly Slater, Fred Pattachia and Dusty Payne. Adam had this to say about his guest caddy: "Benji has been unbelievable, he has a knack for it and even talked me down [a club] on 18 today." Has Benji's found his second act? Might we see him carrying the bag again this year? We talked to him a couple days after he finished his new gig. —Zander Morton

How are things going?

So good. I just got done golfing with Adam [Scott], Kelly [Slater] and my friend Taylor at the best course in Hawaii. It's the most amazing thing on Earth — Charles Shwab's private golf course on the Big Island.

How was your experience as Adam's caddy at the Sony Open last weekend on Oahu? You were all over the Golf channel.

Tell me about it. After the first round I did seven interviews, and Adam did two. [laughs] After the second round, I did the end of day interview with Adam and it was so hilarious. The whole thing was surreal. I love Happy Gilmore and I think they [the network] embraced me as the caddy version of Happy Gilmore. People were cheering for me, it was crazy. Adam would hit a shot and everyone would be all, "Yeah Benji!" [Laughs]

How did caddying come to be?

Adam and I started hanging a bunch last year and became good friends. I kind of keep him light and take him out of his comfort zone a bit. So in New York a few months back we were at dinner shooting the shit and he goes, "What are you up to next year?" and I told him, "Not much, I'm kind of semi-retired right now." He went on to tell me his caddy couldn't be at the Sony Open and asked if I was interested. I was like, "Are you kidding me? Of course! We're going to win that thing!"

What sort of preparation did you do going in?

I played the course with Slater once and the head pro there helped me out. Then I went back a few more times and learned the greens, but going in I was really nervous. But, after the first full day, I was so on — I felt like I'd been doing it for years.

How much input did you have with Adam?

I didn't give him yardage, because he knew the course and had yardage books and is really, really good at golf. But when it came to club selection, I think I helped him there. And most importantly, it was all about my reaction to his shots. When I'd film with Taylor Steele all those years I always fed off his positive reaction— a tiny bit of reassurance and support always meant so much. It's the exact same with golf, and I think I understand that better than most. Adam told me the positivity really helped him a lot last week, especially when he hit a bad shot. He'd hit a ball in the bunker and I'd be all, "Sick, no worries. This is perfect. You're the best bunker player in the world!" We just tried to have fun and I think it helped him play really loose. In fact, I think I'm going to be caddying with him a couple more times this year.

You guys finished 10 under par and 8th overall; you must've done something right.

I know! And a few things didn't go our way. A couple balls rimmed out. I'm having so much fun. It's like going into a surf contest with Kelly. I said to Adam today, "You let me do this a few more times and I'll get you into the winners circle this year for sure."