A Big Wave Contest Is Happening

Bird's-eye view of a Nelscott nest, with Kohl Christensen as the egg, trying not to get scrambled.
Kohl Christensen, Nelscott air section. Photo: Bella Hunt

You weren't actually planning on working today, were you? Hate to break it to you, but there’s another webcast to be watched. The Dive N’ Surf Oregon Pro will be running today in Nelscott, Oregon in waves that are predicted to be larger than your parents’ two-story home. You can — and probably will — watch it here.

The event is the second-to-last stop on the 2013-2014 Big Wave World Tour, which means there’s a title race to touch upon. Right now, Grant “Twiggy” Baker sits in the driver’s seat while Laird Hamilton trails him in a Vespa with Garret McNamara in the sidecar. Just kidding — Garret and Laird ain’t on tour. But Twiggy’s in the lead and by a significant margin. Might he win his second consecutive BWWT stop today? There’s only one way to find out. And, no, it’s not by working.