Big Wave World Champ To Be Crowned Sunday?


Gary Linden’s trial season of the BWWT to wrap up Sunday at Todos Santos
By Taylor Paul

While Mick and Kelly kick off the new WCT season on the Gold Coast, back in the northern Hemi we’re about to crown the first ever big wave world champ. The Todos Santos Big Wave Event will be held Sunday February 28th, 2010, and is the last event on the Big Wave World Tour.

Haven’t heard about it? Relax, few have. This has been the trial year for contest organizer Gary Linden’s dream of having a global series of big wave contests. This year’s events included Chile, Peru, The Eddie, and Maverick’s. Now Todos.

How does it work? A value system similar to the WQS is awarded to each competition based on the location and size of waves (for example, Chile would be a 2 star, Maverick’s a 6 star).

As far as the Todos event goes, it almost didn’t. Sunday is the last of the 28-day waiting period.

‘We just really wanted to hold the competition this year, establish it as a legitimate event, then grow it in coming years,’ says Greg Long, surfer representative for the Todos contest and points leader in the BWWT (Carlos Burle and Chris Bertish are within striking distance).

Be honest now Greg, are you guys forcing it? Are the waves are going to suck?

‘Actually I think people will be surprised by the waves we get. There is a fairly local system that will bring some 20-foot waves. And while there may be some bump on it because the storm is so close, it should be contestable.’

And with many invitees out with injuries or obligations at the Quiksilver Pro, there’s a hungry group of alternates ready to prove they should be officially invited next year. Wind chop or not, they want in.

‘Either way,’ Greg adds, ‘I don’t think anyone will be complaining Sunday evening after surfing big waves all day, sitting in the Jacuzzi with a margarita in hand.’