Guinness World Record: Bill Laity Surfs 26 Hours Straight

Bill Laity


“Kelly may have 10 World Titles, but how many Guinness World Records does he have? Exactly.”

These were the first words Bill Laity spoke upon exiting the water at Huntington Beach Pier after 26 hours and 147 waves. Having broken the previously held World Record for longest continuous surf session (which had been set in summertime North Carolina, as opposed to the heart of a west coast La Nína winter), Bill’s smug declaration was taken with little to no rolling of the eyes.

There stood before us a waterlogged, sun burnt prune of a man, one that had clocked more continuous hours in small craft advisory conditions than most do yearly. He was a specimen of the sea. Perhaps a summer time-frame in the Bahamas could have been a better option…


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