Billabong XXL Global Big Wave Awards – Performance Nominees Announced

The sixth annual Billabong XXL Global Big Wave Awards presented by Monster Energy are only days away and as the top names in the surfing world are arriving in Southern California for the festivities, the final nominees have been announced in two more key categories.

The invitation-only awards show takes place this Friday, April 14 at the Grove Theatre in Anaheim, California, and is available for worldwide viewing thanks to a live webcast at The webcast begins at 6 P.{{{M}}}. Pacific Daylight Time.

Finalists announced today for the Surfline Best Overall Performance Award include: Grant Baker of Durban, South Africa; Shane Dorian of Kona, Hawaii; and Jamie {{{Sterling}}} of Haleiwa, Hawaii. Each received more than ten percent of the ballots cast by an evaluation committee of over 50 respected big wave surfers, photographers and surf magazine editors who considered each contender’s performance at a variety of venues over the course of the entire year. The winner will be announced live during Friday night’s show.

Two women received the bulk of the votes cast for the Billabong Girls Best Overall Performance Award. Keala Kennelly of Honolulu, Hawaii garnered support for her giant tow-in tube at Tahiti’s Teahupoo break while last year’s winner Jamilah Star of Santa Cruz, CA received acclaim for large paddle-in sessions at Maverick’s on the West Coast and Hawaii’s Waimea Bay.

In addition to the performer awards, the night will feature a {{{review}}} of the entire year’s big wave action from around the world, and a series of other honors including the Monster Tube Award, Monster Paddle Award and the Billabong XXL Award for the single biggest wave of the year.

For full details on the event and nominees, see the website at

The full list of nominees for 2006, in alphabetical order:

BILLABONG XXL AWARD Surfer prize $1000 per foot ($60,000 minimum), photo prize ${{{5000}}}
Ibon Amatriain (Zarautz, Spain) at Playa Gris, Spain on February 17, 2006
Ross Clarke-Jones (Victoria, Australia) at Todos Santos Island, Mexico on December 21, 2005
Tyler {{{Fox}}} (Aptos, California) at {{{Ghost}}} Tree, Pebble Beach, California on January 4, 2006
Brad Gerlach (Encinitas, California) at Todos Santos Island, Mexico on December 21, 2005
Flea Virostko (Santa Cruz, California) at Mavericks, Half Moon Bay, CA on January 4, 2006

MONSTER PADDLE AWARD Surfer prize $10,000, photo prize $2000
Grant Baker (Durban, South Africa) at Maverick’s, Half Moon Bay, California on February 7, 2006
Garth Engelhorn (San Diego, California) at Todos Santos Island on December 21, 2005
Rusty Long (San Clemente, California) at Todos Santos Island on December 21, 2005
Diego Medina (Bellavista, Chile) at Punta Lobos, Chile on May 11, 2005
Jamie Sterling (Haleiwa, Hawaii) at Waimea Bay, Hawaii on February 5, 2006

MONSTER TUBE AWARD Surfer prize $5000, photo prize $2000
Shane Dorian (Kona, Hawaii) at Teahupoo, Tahiti on September 11, 2005
{{{CJ}}} Hobgood (Melbourne, Florida) at Teahupoo, Tahiti on May 2, 2005
Peter Mel (Santa Cruz, California) at Maverick’s, California on January 4, 2006
Laurie Towner (Angourie, Australia) at Shipstern Bluff, Tasmania on March 11, 2006
Raimana {{{Van}}} Bastolaer (Tahiti) at Teahupoo, Tahiti on May 1, 2005

Grant Baker (Durban, South Africa)
Shane Dorian (Kona, Hawaii)
Jamie Sterling (Haleiwa, Hawaii)

Keala Kennelly (Honolulu, Hawaii)
Jamilah Star (Santa Cruz, California)