Blog Wars

Damo squeezes in a few turns between blog posts

Blogs are lame. It's like leaving your diary out for everyone to see, except you already know everyone's gonna see it, so you just write what you want them to read. Lame, right. But then, lately, some dudes have been figuring out how to make blogs kinda cool. Getting all artsy, weird and hipster with live moving art and funny shoot-from-the-hip news and whatever else is just happening now and now and now. More and more people are starting to peek at their diaries and go, Hey and Wow and Mmmmm. You know?

So, anyway, with SURFING's upcoming List Mania in the works (oh, just wait… you'll see), we thought we'd share a short list of our favorite diaries being left on out the net these days. Whatever. —www.NathanMyersDoesn'

The Bloggoods: Twitter updates, travel blogs, vimeo videos, contest insight, favorite songs, …the {{{CJ}}} and Damo have got to be the best bloggers in pro surfing these days (twin teaming their site helps). It's like being trapped inside their iPhones and getting dragged around the globe with them. Which might be cool, if blogs weren't so lame in general.

Dane Reynblogs: Follow the on-going adventures of the most conflicted man in surfing — "The idea of sharing things about myself with people looking at their computer screens scared me for a while" — as long as you read everything as completely sarcastic you'll start to get it. Arsty photos. Personal insights. Or just watch his little videos and you'll need to quit surfing. Or you'll realize you already have, you just didn't know it. Which is lame, like blogging.

Modern Blogclective: Kai Neville is a man to watch. And his online art-splatter from being on the road with the Modern Collective crew is the ultimate super-film teaser. In fact, forge the film, this blog is good enough on its own merit. It's like being part of the crew, pulling flips and chicks and getting all artsy fartsy with soft-focus and burnt edges, except…then you wake up and you're still just at home surfing the net like a dumbass normal dude. Blogs are lame like that.

Postblog: Recently shit-canned employee Lewis "Perez" Samuels is making a name for himself by poo-poo-ing the industry he was so recently suckling from. Hey, it's okay to print cruel commentary as long as you say you're "just joking," right? Trouble with Lewez is that he's really witty and clever with his snarky nay-saying, so he's building a regular readership to poo-poo along with him. Everything sucks, right? Even this.

LoversLandBlog: With dirt bikes and half-naked hippie chicks and freewheeling art dudes, photos, videos and word-splatter galore, Dustin Humphrey's Aussie road-trip has taken on a life of its own. Loose, sprawling and beatific, this blog is like being dragged behind Noodles' motorbike as he does donuts in a field of daises. You'd love it and turn into a full-on dolphin huggin' flower fartin' dirt-bike surf-hippy, if blogs weren't so lame.

PoorSpeciblog: One of the features on Taylor Steele's new Poor Specimen website is running stream-of-conscious update on all the projects he's working on — which, at present, happens to be FIVE separate films. It's a whirlwind of information and makes you wonder how he has time to Twitter and Blog and stuff, but it's also an interesting insight into one of our sport's most prolific filmmakers. Plus, like all blogs, it's secretly designed to brainwash you into being lame.

Who else blogs…pretty much everyone (isn't that lame?):

-Mick Fansite (I think someone probably does this one for him:

-the Blogdauskas bros (three is better than two:

-Benny Blogeois (living the dream at

-Aritz Aranblog (oh, you know you were dying for this one:

-Dion Agiublog (truly odd and basically useless:

…in fact, just assume everyone has a blog these days, which is really, really lame.