Blogging Bill: Part 2




Went to sleep around 3am, woke up at 6am. Ouch.

Immediately I get a text from Jody Davis. “Buoys are readin’!” It’s 4.6 feet at 16 seconds. Way earlier than everyone expected, the swell started to hit.

Eric Taylor, Jody, and I got in contact with Shea Lopez, Tupat, and Evan Geiselman who told us New Smyrna was good, so we went straight there.

It was definitely rippable and fun. For sure the best spot in Florida at that point in the swell. Shea told us the shark factor was low, which was comforting at first. Then I see a 6 foot spinner boost out vertical a mere 20 yards from Shea and Evan next to the jetty.

Next thing we know, there’s another guy hanging out in the inside in about thigh deep water just attacking things. I swam right past it on my way in. A nice welcome home for me.

We get the call that Sebastian Inlet is good so we truck on down there to meet up with CJ Hobgood, Jeremy Saukel and the crew. You’d never
guess the first thing we see when we walk down the boardwalk…freakin Occy himself ripping a second peak wedge to bits. He was in town for Surf Expo and touring the new Billabong movie with Ryan Briggs and Sterling Spencer. How cool is that?

Sebastian ends up being surprisingly fun, although it never got much overhead. First Peak made it’s first appearance in god knows how long. No barrels but plenty of wedges with nice air sections everywhere.

We round up at Damien Hobgoods house in Merritt Island, that CJ is currently renting, and finish with an excellent dinner at Da Kine Diegos where Billabong was premiering their new movie Still Filthy. That movie has some ridiculous clips in it. I didn’t get to enjoy the whole showing because of ultimate brodowns but I saw enough to know I want to see it again. Wade Goodall was especially spectacular.

So back to sleep and back up at 5am tomorrow to see what I really came here for. Should be offshore winds and lots of size. Only question is where can hold it. We’ll find out soon enough…


_jwc4139Jody Davis early morning southern style turn in New Smyrna.

_jwc4282NSB inlet local, Jeremy Johnston was out leashless in the shark infested waters. Why where a leash? He never falls.

_jwc4322A little shark warning call to Matty Lopez from Casey Collins, Tupat, and Evan Geiselman.

_jwc4324There she is.

_jwc4416Eric Taylor, full rail gouge, Sebastian Inlet.

_jwc4476CJ Hobgood takes flight on the Space Coast.

p1090339_1The sign says it all.

p1090341_1Briggsy, Sterling, and Occ at the Still Filthy Premiere.

p1090346_1-1We love us some Da Kine Diegos (and Red Stripes)!