Blogging Bill: Part 3



We awake to the 5am ring of CJ Hobgood entering his main living room. It’s bright as daylight at all times of the day in there. The same can be said for 5 in the morning when all 40 lights are turned on. Yes. There’s 40 separate light sources in one room. We counted. It’s a trip.

Off to Sebastian Inlet for what’s sure to be a promising session before the NSSA comp starts. Bad prediction. Instead of nearing the “too big” range. First peak barely rivals the night before, which was a measly chest to head high. Not in the greatest mood at this point, Demos Jones (Blake and Justin Jones dad) walks up wearing a “Listen to Dirt Nasty” tee shirt. The mood lightens slightly.

Still didn’t keep us around there. We’re off to Ponce Inlet in Daytona where we hear it’s twice the size. They weren’t lying. It may have been triple the size of Sebastian but wasn’t very shootable from the beach. The main peak was at least 200 yards out in the ocean. Eternal Surf Doggies live for this day. The sets out the back will be reminisced about for at least the next decade, if not longer. Still, not very high performance waves out there, and most of the boys try it out at the inside the inlet right on the New Smyrna side.

It didn’t do it all the way but Greg Geiselman did manage to snag a random shack that wrapped in on the sandbar just right. Shea Perkins and Evan Geiselman did step-offs way out the back, but the mush factor was high.

Back to the beach and I get the call from a couple of my friends in St. Augustine who just finished up a PCW assisted session almost a mile off the coast of Vilano Beach. Word is the shoals out there were as good as it can possibly get. No photos or footage unfortunately.

Reports for north of Jacksonville come in from Asher Nolan who is tripping out on how good a beachbreak he surfed was. Double overhead and perfect left and right peaks. Again, no photos, but some footage should leak out soon from it. We will see.

And here we are. Myself, ET, and Jody Davis driving back north in some of the most relentless downpour rain I’ve ever seen in my life. I’m talking 25 mph, with a fresh coat of Rain-X, and still nearly zero visibility. Most cars just stopped and pulled off the road, and this is in Florida! People don’t freak out driving in the rain in Florida, but his was serious shit. If rain like this happened in California, they’d have to send out the National Guard. It’d be civil unrest.

The day rains, and rains more, slightly clearing up before dark. Wave quality was probably in the high 8’s, photographic evidence would seem to prove otherwise. Welcome to Florida folks. Without proper proof, it didn’t happen. West Coast media take note… Oops. You already lost interest. I heard Lowers is sick though. Leftovers expected to be around tomorrow.

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-Jimmy Wilson

Raccoons chased out of their hole by the swell at Ponce Inlet.

Eric Taylor slays an insider, while eternal surf doggies charge out the back.

An eternal surf doggie logs in his diary outside Ponce Inlet.

These guys really don’t like to leave their side of the inlet. Aaron Cormican keeping it NBK.