Called “Bombora,” it’s the TV documentary Australian surfing’s deservedfor years, full of surfers behaving stupidly, killer interviews with Midget, Nat, Wayne,Bugs, Occy, Tom Carroll, Barton Lynch, and dozens of others, epicrarely-viewed archival footage from the bowels of history, andsome of the most classic and campy re-enactments in modern documentary.See and hear surfing finally put into full context with Australia’sbroader social history! Listen to Bugs tell you about being offeredmescaline by Owl Chapman on a 12′ day at Pipe! Watch T Carroll finallychoke out the awful truth about Spit The Winkle!…and the truth aboutOccy’s appearance in “Puberty Blues”.

Written and researched by Nick Carroll, directed by Paul Clarke and GregAppel (producer/directors of Long Way To The Top and Love Is In TheAir).

Bombora airs in Australia on ABC-TV March 26 and April 2,8:30pm-9:30pm.

Check the Trailer: