2007 Boost Mobile Pro Day 1

Small waves and hassling galore on Day 1 of the Boost Mobile ProCONDITIONS: 2-3 foot cobblestone crumble
NATURE'S CALL: Modest Mouse
PREDICTIONS: Airs, airs and more airs

"Depends on when a company decides to throw the money." – Jordy Smith when asked when he plans to sign a new sponsorship deal

Surfing on Day 1 of a waiting period is usually a good thing. In the rarefied world of the WCT's leisurely event windows getting going right out of the gates means that conditions are epic – get out there now.

Not today. Today we got started early because the truncated waiting period and lack of swell on the horizon forced a go in the small, inconsistent surf. And Trestles without swell turns 3 man heats into Iraq – the kind of place everyone who chooses to fight winds up losing. Jordy and Taj found that out when they the triangle tango in their heat while newly blonde Fred Patacchia took the smarter route by sitting away from them and running away with the best waves.

Taj wasn't the only title contender to have a shocker. Joel Parkinson dug rails on nearly every turn and then blatantly dropped in on {{{CJ}}} Hobgood and started doing go behinds like he was his doubles partner. Very strange. "No waves and super tense and emotional in the water," said CJ. Also looking bad was Andy Irons who basically folded in a heat won by Rob Machado.

The best clash? Kelly, Dane and Cory. As usual Kelly jumped out the gates while Dane struggled, but when Dane started launching and actually landing mid way through things got interested. Kelly and Cory instantly felt the pressure and the need to break out their jets. It’s rare to see KS these days boosting on every wave, but he starting doing it today. In the end, he got the nod as the judges still reward 3 solid maneuvers (which Kelly does every time) over the 2 crazy ones Dane pulled out of the bag on his best wave. Despite that, he argument could be made that the tight result should gone the other way as Dane's newfound contest act is that good. His round 2 heat against Taj will be required viewing.

Others who impressed? World #1 Mick Fanning's white lightning 10 turns on little right nearly got him a ten and a fairly easy win over last minute wildcard Sunny Garcia – who actually had to wear a probation department issue ankle bracelet during his heat. Rookies Ricky Basnett, Jeremy Flores and Josh Kerr also showed just how dangerous they can be in WQS style waves in their heats.

What's next? Well unfortunately the forecast is underwhelming. Looks like we'll be off tomorrow and then see what we can manage out of pair of modest new souths from Tuesday to Saturday. Stay tuned.

Kelly Slater left no doubt why he has made the final at the Boost Mobile Pro for the last 3 straight years


(1st advances to Rnd 3; 2nd & 3rd advance to Rnd 2)
Heat # 1: 1- Ricky Basnett, 2- Mark Occhilupo, 3- Travis Logie
Heat # 2: 1- Ben Dunn, 2- Trent Munro, 3- Daniel Wills
Heat # 3: 1- Adrian Buchan, 2- Bobby Martinez, 3- Troy Brooks
Heat # 4: 1- Dean Morrison, 2- Neco Padaratz, 3- Luke Stedman
Heat # 5: 1- Adriano de Souza, 2- Bede Durbidge, 3- Gabe Kling
Heat # 6: 1- CJ Hobgood, 2- Luke Munro, 3- Joel Parkinson
Heat # 7: 1- Fred Patacchia, 2- Taj Burrow, 3- Jordy Smith
Heat # 8: 1- Mick Fanning, 2- Sunny Garcia, 3- Pancho Sullivan
Heat # 9: 1- Kelly Slater, 2- Dane Reynolds, 3- Cory Lopez
Heat #10: 1- Rob Machado, 2- Kai Otton, 3- Andy Irons
Heat #11: 1- Taylor Knox, 2- Phil MacDonald, 3- Shaun Cansdell
Heat #12: 1- Bruce Irons, 2- Raoni Monteiro, 3- Dayyan Neve
Heat #13: 1- Jeremy Flores, 2- Bernardo Miranda, 3- Victor Ribas
Heat #14: 1- Michael Campbell, 2- Greg Emslie, 3- Rodrigo Dornelles
Heat #15: 1- Tom Whitaker, 2- Michael Lowe, 3- Leonardo Neves
Heat #16: 1- Josh Kerr, 2- Royden Bryson, 3- Chris Ward

(1st advances to Rnd 3; 2nd finishes =33rd)
Heat # 1: Andy Irons v. Sunny Garcia
Heat # 2: Taj Burrow v. Dane Reynolds
Heat # 3: Joel Parkinson v. Jordy Smith
Heat # 4: Bede Durbidge v. Luke Munro
Heat # 5: Bobby Martinez v. Gabe Kling
Heat # 6: Daniel Wills v. Neco Padaratz
Heat # 7: Travis Logie v. Troy Brooks
Heat # 8: Chris Ward v. Trent Munro
Heat # 9: Pancho Sullivan v. Mark Occhilupo
Heat #10: Cory Lopez v. Shaun Cansdell
Heat #11: Kai Otton v. Dayyan Neve
Heat #12: Luke Stedman v. Victor Ribas
Heat #13: Phil MacDonald v. Rodrigo Dornelles
Heat #14: Raoni Monteiro v. Michael Lowe
Heat #15: Bernardo Miranda v. Royden Bryson
Heat #16: Greg Emslie v. Leonardo Neves

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