2007 Boost Mobile Pro Day 2

Jordy and Dane take out Parko and Taj in Round 2 of the Boost Mobile ProCONDITIONS: 2-3 foot windswell lefts
NATURE'S CALL: What happened? Chilly on the beach, freezing in the water
PREDICTIONS: Don't be surprised if a wildcard wins this thing

Dane Reynolds (shown here) dealt a serious blow to Taj Burrow’s world title hopes
8am was prime time this morning – not because of the waves or weather (both of which were sub par at best) but because of the draw. First up Andy versus Sunny. Sunny got of to an early lead but Andy came back strong and posted an easy win. Next – Dane Reynolds versus Taj Burrow – the war of the video stars, First Chapter versus Montaj/Young Guns 3 versus Trilogy. Anyone's who's seen Dane's WQS contest form nhad to know this was a scary draw for Taj. Taj knew it. He left the Surfer Poll last night early to prepare. It didn't help. Dane controlled the heat from the start. "I was in rhythm with the sets and he was on the bad side of them," said Dane. "I felt kind of bad. I want him to win a world title. I was almost rooting for him to get a good one at the end."Dane's surfing was close to perfect – speed, power and linkage. If he can surf like that consistently in contests, watch out. If he can do it here he could win, seriously. No one wants to surf against this guy – especially World Number 1 Mick Fanning – who gets him next.And Jordy? He likes to beat people. Feels good about himself when he does it. His heat against Parko was much closer and could have gone either way, but Jordy didn't seem concerned afterward about effectively knocking his idol out of the world title race. "I've always looked up to him," said Jordy. "I mean he's on my fantasy team, but it's better him than me." Jordy likes to sit right next to guys when he's got a lead and "surround them with negative energy" as he puts. Will he do that next heat when he surfs against Andy? Better believe it.Exciting times. It hasn't felt this way since the early {{{90}}}'s when Kelly, Rob (who draw each other next) and the Momentum crew took on the establishment. Today was amazing, but it was just a preview of next year when Dane and Jordy will be doing this at every single contest. The rest of the day? A letdown for sure, but still some good heats. Bede Durbidge looked determined to prove that last year's win here wasn't a fluke and Bobby Martinez and Chris Ward help make it great day for California. Overall, thought, it was a sleeper unless you're psyched to see conditions so bad that Victor Ribas and Rodrigo Dornelles start winning their heats. But tomorrow, or Friday, whenever we start Round 3, it's on. Kelly versus Rob, Dane versus Mick, Andy versus Jordy with titles, egos and futures hanging in the balance. Just the way it should be.

Joel Parkinson was dealt his worst result of the year against wildcard Jordy Smith
(1st advances to Rnd 3; 2nd finishes =33rd)

Heat # 1: Andy Irons def. Sunny Garcia
Heat # 2: Dane Reynolds def. Taj Burrow
Heat # 3: Jordy Smith def. Joel Parkinson
Heat # 4: Bede Durbidge def. Luke Munro
Heat # 5: Bobby Martinez def. Gabe Kling
Heat # 6: Neco Padaratz def. Daniel Wills
Heat # 7: Troy Brooks def. Travis Logie
Heat # 8: Chris Ward def. Trent Munro
Heat # 9: Pancho Sullivan def. Mark Occhilupo
Heat #10: Shaun Cansdell def. Cory Lopez
Heat #11: Kai Otton def. Dayyan Neve
Heat #12: Victor Ribas def. Luke Stedman
Heat #13: Rodrigo Dornelles def. Phil MacDonald
Heat #14: Raoni Monteiro def. Michael Lowe
Heat #15: Royden Bryson def. Bernardo Miranda
Heat #16: Leonardo Neves def. Greg EmslieUPCOMING ROUND 3 HEATS:
(1st advances to Rnd 4; 2nd finishes =17th)

Heat # 1: Dean Morrison v. Troy Brooks
Heat # 2: Raoni Monteiro v. Chris Ward
Heat # 3: Pancho Sullivan v. Ricky Basnett
Heat # 4: Bede Durbidge v. Neco Padaratz
Heat # 5: Bruce Irons v. Rodrigo Dornelles
Heat # 6: Jeremy Flores v. Royden Bryson
Heat # 7: {{{CJ}}} Hobgood v. Adriano de Souza
Heat # 8: Mick Fanning v. Dane Reynolds
Heat # 9: Kelly Slater v. Rob Machado
Heat #10: Fred Patacchia v. Adrian Buchan
Heat #11: Taylor Knox v. Victor Ribas
Heat #12: Michael Campbell v. Josh Kerr
Heat #13: Andy Irons v. Jordy Smith
Heat #14: Kai Otton v. Ben Dunn
Heat #15: Bobby Martinez v. Shaun Cansdell
Heat #16: Tom Whitaker v. Leonardo NevesFor more on the ASP and the Boost Mobile Pro, visit www.BoostMobilePro.com or www.ASPWorldTour.com