2005 Boost Mobile Pro Day 2 Report

Dane Reynolds makes ’em think"BOOM!"

Not, Kelly.Like a jet plane turbine alarm clock is Dane Reynolds' wake-up call to the WCT, 'round nine o'clock this morning. A 360 air, SICK, even by Dane's standards (see: Yield, Campaign, etc.)—Rail-crunch FS grab, four-feet out, STOMPED, to fakie spin-whip right to another slam—Yowza, for smooth-carver, Dean Morrison, it's a sweet goodnight. Reynolds, the kid's storing hidden rip-a-logical warfare. Secret Weapons! The wave's—small, slow, a little crumbly coping—worth, barely, a 5, not a…9.{{{57}}}! Fanning, Andy and Kelly can do airs, and everything else, but…THIS, this 'air' is what they'll not want Dane pulling too often.

"I haven't surfed since Japan—not even one wave," said Mr. Slater after waxing his first round heat yesterday. Now, he's set to clash the aforementioned electric youth, Reynolds, for round three.

"Kelly's smoked me every time I've surfed against him, so my hopes aren't too high," Dane shrugs off the reporters, watching another wave peel across the inside section. "But the way I'm surfing this contest," he adds, face confident, "Is to go out and do some free surfing. I'm not worrying what everyone else is doing, and over-thinking it…missing sections."

Which means: watch out! "What happened?"

It's what ultimate cool guy Bruce Irons' expression says upon his exiting the water, same time as anti-cool guy, Brazilian, Guilherme Herdy, un-straps his leash from his front ankle, and smiles.

"Some days go your way, some days don't," he says, with an airy laugh, of his crushing win. Herdy, a tall, buffed blondie has dropped the bomb. Two, spray-blasting left 7s to Bruce on a combined score of 6. Less than bummed, though, Bruce, the consummate death-tube mastah, takes the loss in stride, and asks where the real pits are gonna be this coming weekend. Do you know? {{{CJ}}} and Damien Hobgood will probably be at the Wedge, for HEAVY VISIONS, 'cause they fully rip, and do so today."I just went for some exciting maneuvers, 'cause I thought they'd reward 'em," says Damien, grinning, about a gnarly FS reverse to Renan Rocha's dome and calculated, three-to-the-beach mentality.Oh, and CJ's full gnar, too—he smacks (don't cry) Tommy Curren hard, this morning. It's this crazy backside skyhook he has, man, that's lethal. Can you say body torque?Trent Munro can, and did many all over wildcard, Mike Losness' face. Same as what Nathan Hedge did to wildcard, Ian Walsh, by a smaller margin. Same as what every winner did today—strong, precise and well connected carves on the best waves—everyone but Dane Reynolds. Which brings us back to him, that mega-talented punk with the x-factor guns. Back to Slater and Andy in the big race, and how Dane can figure into which one of 'em gets the big trophy at year's end. Kelly only needs the kid to face him with regular, good ol' rail surfing, and he'll have a hall pass towards number 7 with another solid result.

(1st place advances to Round 3; 2nd finishes =33rd)

Heat # 1: Trent Munro def. Mike Losness
Heat # 2: CJ Hobgood def. Tom Curren
Heat # 3: Nathan Hedge def. Ian Walsh
Heat # 4: Dane Reynolds def. Dean Morrison
Heat # 5: Guilherme Herdy def. Bruce Irons
Heat # 6: Damien Hobgood def. Renan Rocha
Heat # 7: Shea Lopez def. Tom Whitaker
Heat # 8: Tim Curran def. Danny Wills
Heat # 9: Luke Stedman def. Luke Egan
Heat #10: Greg Emslie def. Mark Occhilupo
Heat #11: Jake Paterson def. Toby Martin
Heat #12: Victor Ribas def. Darren O’Rafferty
Heat #13: Peterson Rosa def. Raoni Monteiro
Heat #14: Richie Lovett def. Chris Ward
Heat #15: Troy Brooks def. Bede Durbidge
Heat #16: Marcelo Nunes def. Michael Lowe UPCOMING ROUND 3 HEATS SCHEDULED FOR FRIDAY 9/16
(1st place advances to Round 4; 2nd finishes =17th)

Heat # 1: Taj Burrow v. Tim Curran
Heat # 2: Jake Paterson v. Sunny Garcia
Heat # 3: Taylor Knox v. Lee Winkler
Heat # 4: Trent Munro v. Shea Lopez
Heat # 5: Nathan Hedge v. Kalani Robb
Heat # 6: Cory Lopez v. Tim Reyes
Heat # 7: Troy Brooks v. Travis Logie
Heat # 8: Kelly Slater v. Dane Reynolds
Heat # 9: Andy Irons v. Guilherme Herdy
Heat #10: Richie Lovett v. Marcelo Nunes
Heat #11: Phil MacDonald v. Luke Stedman
Heat #12: Damien Hobgood v. Greg Emslie
Heat #13: Mick Fanning v. Kirk Flintoff
Heat #14: Peterson Rosa v. Paulo Moura
Heat #15: CJ Hobgood v. Shane Beschen
Heat #16: Fred Patacchia v. Victor Ribas