2007 Boost Mobile Pro Day 4

HEATS HELD: Round 4 to the Finals
NATURE'S CALL: Long lulls, but occasionally epic
PREDICTIONS: Title race starts now

Slater was mobbed after the final
"There were moments out there where it felt like it did in 1990 and to break Tom's record at the place it all began for me is pretty magical." – Kelly Slater Kelly Slater won his 34th world tour contest today. Considering that Curren's 33 wins came during the days of 30+ contests per year while today's calendar only features 10, Slater's achievement is even more impressive. How did he do it? Easy. After Dane and Jordy had cleaned the field of all top five talents and then bowed out themselves in Round 4, there wasn't anyone left who could put together a complete heat against a guy who's made the final here four years in a row. The morning clashes offered the most exciting match ups of the day on paper, but the waves largely refused to cooperate. Dane's heat against {{{CJ}}} Hobgood featured a few decent sets, but Dane fell behind early and then decided to turn into a pumpkin. He launched impossible shove-its and rodeo flips on waves where more standard (for him) surfing would have easily got him the scores he needed to come back in the heat. "I knew I was blowing it by trying that stuff," Dane said. "But I couldn't stop myself." Next year, let's hope he has a little more self-control when things don't go his way. Jordy's heat against Ben Dunn was a shocker. Apparently Jordy had talked smack about Dunn in an Aussie mag and Dunn was out for blood. "There's no way, Jordy's winning this heat," said Kelly. The high tide peaked and the worst lull of the day set in. Only one wave was ridden in the first twenty-two minutes of the heat and Dunn emerged with the victory. The atmosphere on the beach dropped a few notches after that. The high tide killed any traces of the building swell, but the second heat of the quarters showed flashes. Jeremy Flores grabbed a few set waves and did just enough to come back against CJ, grab a spot in the semis and post the best result of his young career. Could the rookie of the year be Frenchman? Bet on it as Jeremy is now 9th in the world, eight spots ahead of Kai Otton, with the European leg a week away.

Taylor Knox pulled off the event’s only perfect 10 in the Quarterfinals
After that heat, the tide dropped, the new swell kicked in, Kelly and Taylor Knox hit the water, and things started to happen. Kelly's surfing was a thing of beauty - power, style, flair and incredible wave sense. "He just gets so much projection out of his turns," said Rob Machado. "On his 9.73, he had this long section in front of him where I thought he could maybe fit in a couple turns but he did five." A combo-ed Taylor then made it interesting by dishing out the event's first 10 on the racy-est wave of the day. On the next wave, needing an 8.6, he threw down the turn of the event - a full rotation, fins out power gouge - but followed it up with a classic Bonehead move – digging a rail while simply pumping down the line. Kelly's last two heats: more stellar surfing against two stoked to be here opponents - Tom Whitaker and Pancho Sullivan. Unlike his controversial win in 05 here against Phil MacDonald, this victory was empathic. Mick Fanning even came down to the beach to watch and steel himself from the challenge that will come from the man now sitting only {{{200}}} points behind him.Title race starts now.

Kelly’s victory party at an undisclosed 20-million dollar estate near cottons

Bottoms Up
(1st wins $US 30,000; 2nd wins $US 16,000)

Kelly Slater v. Pancho SullivanSEMIFINAL RESULTS:
(1st advances to Final; 2nd finishes =3rd)

Heat # 1: Pancho Sullivan def. Jeremy Flores
Heat # 2: Kelly Slater def. Tom WhitakerQUARTERFINAL RESULTS:
(1st advances to Semis; 2nd finishes =5th)

Heat # 1: Pancho Sullivan def. Troy Brooks
Heat # 2: Jeremy Flores def. CJ Hobgood
Heat # 3: Kelly Slater def. Taylor Knox
Heat # 4: Tom Whitaker def. Ben DunnFoster's ASP World Tour Ratings
(after Stop No. 6 the Boost Mobile Pro pres. by Hurley)

1. Mick Fanning (AUS) 5270
2. Kelly Slater (USA) 5040
3. Taj Burrow (AUS) 4511
4. Andy Irons (HAW) 4331
5. Joel Parkinson (AUS) 4029
6. Damien Hobgood (USA) 3824
7. Bede Durbidge (AUS) 3467
8. Pancho Sullivan (HAW) 3462
9. Jeremy Flores (FRA) 3438
10. Dean Morrison (AUS) 3248For more on the Boost Mobile Pro, the upcoming Quiksilver Pro France and the latest on the world title hunt, visit www.ASPWorldTour.com