"How many people here want Kelly to win?"ROAR! The huge crowd of crazy surf fans on Lower Trestles goes pure thunder to the question asked by Boost Mobile Pro announcer, Brad Gerlach.

"And I've got 500 bucks on Kelly, for any Aussie who wants to take that bet," adds tour veteran, Sunny Garcia. "What! You'd better make it double or nothin', then," roars super-oz-patriot power surfer, Nathan Hedge. "Go Mac Daddy! This is your day, mate!" he blurts into Gerlach's microphone.

25-year-old heavy power surfer of southern NSW, Aus., Phil MacDonald is leading the final at two minutes remaining, Kelly Slater needs an 8.6, and the evening low tide is lull city. 'Macca' has been right off his nut all afternoon, spanking a JBG backside snapping Andy Irons in the quarters, then a light-sped Mick Fanning, and now…this. Gigantic gaffs!

"I won't let him (Kelly) in my head," says MacDonald before the final, rugged, unshaven and kind of angry looking, "I'm gonna take him out!"

But now it's all at the wire, two minutes remaining and Slatz needs an 8.6, when for the last fifteen minutes the low tide has made one pathetic lull.

He needs a little patience, yea-ah. And the crowd is saying, "We need a hero…'cause he's gotta be strong, and has gotta shred hard, and he's…"Wait! It's a nifty nugget coming his way. SLAY-TER: Straight down, b-turn, straight up, trim, trim, long, crumbly section…wee, wheelie air, vv-vroom, second mile b-turn to conveyor belt float to 'owwww, kiss myself' (that's what he's thinking) to slap, slice, rubberman layback bash. Goodnight. 9.0. Now you do something and try to imitate the crowd's reaction. Scream. Whimper for joy. Moonwalk. "Bulll-shiiit. Bulll-shiiit!" comes the war chant from the Aussie camp. Mr. Slatz is being mobbed on the slippery rocks, by the grommets and photogs. With the bald vicar the huddle is intimate. "Kelly! KELLY!" we're all yelling at him, as his smile gets bigger. "Black and White! Wooo! Black and White!" On the awards stage they ask 'Macca' how he feels, if he's still a bit happy with a good result."Ahrrgh, I'm sick of second," he groans because it's his fifth loss in his fifth career final."Guess I'm gonna have to stab the guy who gave him the 9," he then adds, wryly.Slatz tries to cheer him up by sharing with everyone that he's really happy, and relaxed, and that, "My daughter's here; this is the first time she's come to one of my contests," but it doesn't work. Macca uses the traditional celebratory "beer shower" moment, splashing violently his Foster's point-blank into Kelly's eyes. Total brute. And that's what this comp thing is all about—fiery dudes ruining each other in the name of clean tubes, carves and green backs. Honest, full-time rippers making history, one slash at a time. Heading for France, land of mega sandbars and chocolate croissants, R. Kelly Slater will see nothin' wrong with bumpin' and grindin' those waves right into his seventh world title. A semi or better will seal the deal.


Kelly Slater def. Phil MacDonaldSEMIFINAL RESULTS:

Kelly Slater def. Taj Burrow
Phil MacDonald def. Mick FanningQUARTERFINAL RESULTS:

Taj Burrow def. Trent Munro
Kelly Slater def. Kalani Robb
Phil MacDonald def. Andy Irons
Mick Fanning def. {{{CJ}}} HobgoodCURRENT WCT Top 20 (After event # 8 of 11)1 – Kelly Slater – 7574 points
2 – Andy Irons – 6528
3 – Mick Fanning – 5838
4 – Trent Munro – 5618
5 – Phil MacDonald – 5363
6 – Taj Burrow – 5046
7 – C.J. Hobgood – 4688
8 – Cory Lopez – 4395
=9 – Nathan Hedge & Fred Patacchia – 4263
11 – Joel Parkinson – 4182
12 – Bruce Irons – 4136
13 – Dean Morrison – 4124
14 – Damien Hobgood – 4044
15 – Tom Whitaker – 4032
16 – Danny Wills – 3883
17 – Taylor Knox – 3850
18 – Troy Brooks – 3802
19 – Richie Lovett – 3797
20 – Jake Paterson – 3761