Nova Schin Festival WCT Brazil 2005 Event Preview


The surf in Brazil can range from meager to macking. (Macking pictured here)

It’s been hyped for about a month now. Slater could wrap it up in France. Slater could have the crown before the tour even hits Hawaii. If Irons wins all the remaining events, blah, blah, blah.

But the fact still remains: There are only two surfers left in the 2005 world title race headed into Brasil. Kelly Slater and Andy Irons. Slater has a pretty comfortable 768 point lead heded into the {{{Nova}}} Schin – Brazil’s WCT event of 2005. But what does that mean to this whole title race thing?

It means that Slater must place ahead of Irons in order to win the title. Seems simple enough, right? But there are more equations involved in the process than just that. Basically, Irons needs to win in Brazil and also win the Rip Curl Pipe Masters in December in order to make it four titles in a row. Not quite impossible, but with that much pressure on him, can he pull it off?

3-time Brazil winner, Taj Burrow, flying high
But let’s take this one event at a time. Before even thinking about Pipeline, they have to get through Brazil.

Ahhh, Brazil. Fun beachbreaks, gorgeous women, warm weather, passionate crowds, and usually challenging conditions. Slater has done well here in the past, and Irons is no slouch in small wave surf either. Either one of them could easily take out the field and win it all.

First though, they will have to get through a field that includes former event winners Taj Burrow, Kalani Robb and Taylor Knox. Other surfers with previously strong finishes in Brazil are Tom Whitaker, Occy, Mick Fanning, and just just about every Brazillian on tour. The crowd in Brazil typically loves to root for the Brazillian surfers, so you have to give them an edge when it comes to crowd influence on the judges. Expect to see a few upsets along the way during this event.

So what will happen at the end of the day? The percentages favor Mr. Slater. The momentum is sitting with Andy Irons. Anything can and probobly will happen. Buckle up – this one’s gonna be close.

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