2005 Nova Schin WCT Brazil – Round 1 Update

SURF: 2-3 feet and soft as a baby's butt.
EVENTS HELD: Men's Round 1 Heats 1-12
NATURE'S CALL: Smaller, but picking up a little on Thursday and Friday.
PREDICTED: More booty shakes than vertical lip slams.

"There was this crazy strobe light and every time I blinked I caught a view of this girl with this amazing rig – full on rig-asaurus, and then I blinked a saw another one and another one and another one. I was spinning. I didn't know what to do. It was too much. " – Timmy Reyes after a night out in Brazil

That's Brazil for you. The surf isn't going to blow you away, but the garotas – that's another story. The call was made early to move the contest two hours south to Imbituba where chest high lefts were hitting a sandbank and occasionally running for fifty yards. The problem – a chest high wave here has about one tenth the power of a similar sized wave just about anywhere else on tour. The Floridians and the many, many Brazilian wildcards (Sunny, Kalani, Luke, Shane Beschen, Dean Morrison, Tim Curran decided not to come and an injured Taj Burrow couldn't make it either) had no trouble adapting to the gutlessness, but just about everyone else did. As Timmy put it, "You pretty much have to do half turns on every section because if you try to go vert you'll bog, but I can't bring myself to do half turns."

The power shortage put an interesting wrinkle into the BIG STORY here, which is of course Title Watch Part 2. Kelly Slater looked a little unsteady at first heat, but managed to find a few frothy lips to bash and easily skated by Occy and Guga Aruda. Andy Irons was up next and had a shocker through the first 3/4ths of the heat. He was sitting way behind Taylor Knox needing a 9.3 on a day when 6.5's were hard to come by. But just as the peanut gallery was scanning their heat sheets looking to see which wildcard Andy could face in do or die Round 2, a bona fide 4 foot wave appeared at Andy's doorstep. Three speed floats, one giant wrap and four more inside cracks later, AI had posted the highest score of the day (9.5) and was sailing through to Round 3. Afterwards as he signed autographs he said, “It's plain and simple what I have to do and I'm going to go for it and try to win every single heat."Fasten your seat belts folks. Come Friday and Saturday when the surf is supposed to pick up a bit – this is going to be a battle.


(1st place advances to Round 3; 2nd & 3rd go to Round 2)Heat # 1: 1st – Cory Lopez, 2nd – Chris Ward, 3rd – Jihad Kohdr
Heat # 2: 1st – Marcelo Nunes, 2nd – Pedro Henrique, 3rd – Damien Hobgood
Heat # 3: 1st – Nathan Hedge, 2nd – Michael Lowe, 3rd – Yuri Sodre
Heat # 4: 1st – Joel Parkinson, 2nd – Travis Logie, 3rd – Diego Rosa
Heat # 5: 1st – {{{CJ}}} Hobgood, 2nd – Odirlei Coutinho, 3rd – Darren O’Rafferty
Heat # 6: 1st – Victor Ribas, 2nd – Flavio Costa, 3rd – Trent Munro
Heat # 7: 1st – Richie Lovett, 2nd – Heitor Alves, 3rd – Mick Fanning
Heat # 8: 1st – Kelly Slater, 2nd – Guga Arruda, 3rd – Mark Occhilupo
Heat # 9: 1st – Andy Irons, 2nd – Taylor Knox, 3rd – Guilherme Ferreira
Heat #10: 1st – Phil MacDonald, 2nd – Paulo Moura, 3rd – Pablo Paulino
Heat #11: 1st – Adriano de Souza, 2nd – Bede Durbidge, 3rd – Bruce Irons
Heat #12: 1st – Jake Paterson, 2nd – Tim Reyes, 3rd – Fabio GouveiaREMAINING ROUND 1 HEATS:Heat #13: Daniel Wills, Luke Stedman, Tom Curren
Heat #14: Fred Patacchia, Greg Emslie, Bernardo Pigmeu
Heat #15: Tom Whitaker, Raoni Monteiro, Guilherme Herdy
Heat #16: Peterson Rosa, Kirk Flintoff, Renan Rocha