Tube Vision

Brian Conley Premieres My Eyes Wont Dry 2 at the La Paloma theatre

Never short on shakas, Brian Conley

Wanna get tubed? Of course you do. But it's one-foot and onshore at your local break. No worries. Just pop in a copy of Brian Conley's follow-up to his tube-guru vision quest, "My Eyes Won't Dry II: Tube {{{Vision}}}" and you'll be shacked off your nut in no time.

For a packed house at Encinitas' La Paloma theater, the Con-Man -- walking on crutches from a debilitating leg-gouge he recently suffered in Mexico -- introduced his self-filmed, -edited and -surfed film with a plenty of product giveaways for the groms and a vibrant art show from psychedelic-wavescape masters at Forever Stoked, Chris Pedersen and Charlie Klingman, then got the whole theater thoroughly shacked for the next hour. No one -- seriously, NO ONE -- has filmed inside the tube as well as Brian Conley. Ever. Over the last couple years, he's turned documenting his tubular visions into an all-consuming passion. Upgrading his lenses. Dialing in his cameraboards. Setting up with multiple angles. And slotting himself deeper in the tube than anyone else out there.

My Eyes Won't Dry II takes his previous concept up a notch, with better gear, better music and deeper tubes. First, he'll show you what Teahupo'o looks like from the outside -- a vision most of our are all too familiar with -- and then he'll show you what it looks like from the inside; a rare persprective few cameraman (maybe none) have the skills to deliver. Then he does it in Indo, the South Pacific, deep Mexico, Central America, West Oz...wherever there are long filthy tubes to document, B-Con was there. "I really just wanna showcase the great waves of the world," explains Conley. "I feel really blessed to be able to do this, and I hope this is a way to give back, to share what I've seen with everyone."

The blessing is certainly passed on via this film, but sitting here talking about it just doesn't do it justice. If you caught a glimpse in SURFING's filmmaker issue DVD of Brain's film, then you already know what we're talking about. Tube Vision is just the super-sized version of all that. With great new tunes, good travel-doco filler footage (including his most recent Mexican catastrophe), and the best inner visions you've ever witnessed, My Eyes Won't Dry II is like a gift to all of us: tubes on tap.

[Check out SURFING's Novermber Filmmaker's Issue for more on Conley's film and a DVD trailer of My Eyes Won't Dry II: Tube Vision. The film will be avaible in surf shops and online in about two weeks.]

Forever Stoked artists Chris Pedersen and Charlie Klingman hosted a gallery show for the premiere. Pedersen was one of the guys who started Brian surfing.