Bruce Irons Given Pipe Masters Wildcard – And all is right in the world

And all is right in the world

bruce2Bruce Irons, Pipeline. Photo: Corey Wilson

Three hundred and nine Instagram posts later, he’s in.

He is Bruce Irons and in is in the 2015 Billabong Pipeline Masters. Last week, Instagram exploded with the #bruce4pipemasterswildcard hashtag. The campaign was built to urge the WSL into allowing Bruce to surf the event — which is held in honor of his late brother, Andy Irons. And it worked. Maybe.

Last week, it seemed as though Bruce would have to surf his way through trials in order to make it into the main event. This week, with Matt Banting and Freddy Pattachia officially withdrawing from the event with injuries or competitive apathy, Bruce jumped that process.

We’ll never know if Instagram compelled the WSL to let Bruce in. But, in the name of dismantling every ounce of journalistic integrity in this piece, I will say fuck yeah it did and go Bruce! —Brendan Buckley

The event starts December 8th. You know where to come for updates, right?