Buy Spinning At The Speed Of Now On iTunes – Filipe Toledo’s profile film now on sale.

Filipe Toledo's profile film now on sale.

Chutzpah. That's what it is. Yiddish for "the balls on this guy." The gall, the brass, the moxie. The nerve of him. The nerve of the young and the hungry.

They say there are two types of people on earth: Those who want enough, and those who want it all. Most of us fall into the respectable former category. Most of us are content with enough. Enough is satisfying. Enough can feed a family. Enough can pay the bills. Hell, enough can get you on tour next year with a few 9ths and an odd quarterfinal. Enough is enough. But then there are those who want it all and those people don't wait for it to fall into their hands. They take it. They do not take pity on their elders, they are not cautious, they are not prudent.

This is what Filipe Toledo's been surfing like this year.

That’s the beginning of Beau Flemister’s profile of Filipe Toledo, which appeared in a recent issue of SURFING Magazine. We spent seven hungry months of 2015 with Filipe Toledo. We went to Indo, Australia, Brazil, Costa Rica and more. We brought friends. We broke boards. We stockpiled clips and we made a movie called Spinning At The Speed Of Now.

SATSON has been available through Vimeo for a few months now, but you can now buy it on iTunes for $5.99. Click here to see what one of the best surfers in the world does when he’s not wearing a contest jersey.