Calling All Groms

Junior Grudge Match tells any competitor under 20 to 'bring it on.'

What happens in Jersey, doesn't always stay there. At least not when it comes to Smith Optics Grom Grudge. While the annual Garden State Grudge Match requires all competitors to boast NJ street cred, its younger, baby brother will give anyone under 20 a shot at the title. In fact, last year, New York's Balaram Stack beat Rob Kelly to become the first surfer to take the honors across state lines. But rather than circle the wagons around Casino Pier, organizer Rob Cloupe reckons the time's come to tell the whole coast to bring it on. And he's offering a $1500 winner-take-all prize to make sure they do..

"More talent can only make our Garden State groms better down the road.," Cloupe explains. "And it's a cool way to get some outside surfers in on the whole Grudge Match experience. No sure get anyone to drive from Florida, but for $1500, the boys from Virginia, North Carolina and Maryland will make the drive — if they're man enough."

Sound like a challenge to us. Any grom keen on taking the bait, email Rob, but do it fast. Waiting period begins Aug. 15.