Interview by Taylor Paul
Photos by Daniel Pullen

So far in the current round of the SURFING x Rip Curl Gromsearch Video Elections, Cam Richards — double division winner, plus the contest’s highest heat score, plus H2O Overdrive Maneuver of the Event — has 72% of the popular vote and looks on his way to a landslide victory. Just why is the boy so dominant? We pried.

SURFING Magazine: What were you thinking going for big airs in a contest? Don't you know contests are about safety surfing?

Cam Richards: Well I'm not into the whole six-turns-to-the-beach thing. That's not what the crowd or the judges want to see. I just want to go for it. Risk equals reward.

Careful in the stock market little buddy. Do you think contests are fun to watch?

Yeah, they are fun if people are going for it, but it's boring to watch people do turns to the beach. People need to go for it.

Cam goes for it.

Cam goes for it.

Who is the most exciting competitor to watch in heats, in your opinion?

Dane Reynolds. He's so sick and goes for it. It's rad.

Pick someone besides Dane. Everyone picks Dane.

Um, well, everyone on the Landscape Altered trip. Chippa [Wilson] is so sick and Mitch [Coleborn] is nuts.

Does the Gromsearch reward big, risky hucks?

Um…they rewarded me for the airs and stuff, but I don't really know what “hucks” are (laughs).

"Huck" is the new "punt", get with the program. What’s the best maneuver you’ve ever pulled in a heat?

Probably a pop shuv-it or just an air reverse. I can't do rodeos or anything like that but I'm working on it.

Pop shuv-it. Air reverse. How old are you anyway?

I'm 14, turning 15 in September.

Get used to post-heat interviews, Cam. You can even say interesting things if you want! But nobody really does.

Get used to post-heat interviews, Cam. You can even say interesting things if you want! But nobody really does.

What is your strategy going to be for the Gromsearch Nationals? Anything you’re going to pull out that you want to claim now?

Well, this year it's in Puerto Rico and I'm psyched 'cause I kind of live there in the winter and I love it there. I'm just going to go for it.

Do you have a house in PR or something? How much time do you spend there each winter?

Well no, not yet, but we usually rent a house or stay with friends. We go, like, twice a month during the winter.

Are you going to spend your $200 on candy or what?

I'm not too sure yet. I'm saving it for something cool.

What’s the last cool thing you bought?

A new chain, 'cause mine is too small.

Ballin'. Okay, last question: if you could be invisible or fly, which would you choose?

Probably fly so I wouldn't have to buy all these airplane tickets.

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