South Wellfleet, Massachusetts- Thanks to Tropical {{{Storm}}} Franklin, the 2005 Cape Cod Surfing Championships went down in style, with a record turnout of competitors. Utilizing double beaches, almost {{{100}}} competitors managed to get their share of the glassy, 3-5 foot perfect waves, finishing up just before dark. Competition Director Marc Angelillo said; “This was probably the biggest and most successful ESA surfing event ever held on the Cape.”

As would be expected, locals had their way in many of the final heats. A few took multiple titles. Eric Anderson of Easton, Massachusetts edged out Steve Hassett of Hanover. Eric also topped Hassett for the Junior Longboard title, as well. Nora Vasconcellos of Pembroke charged the great surf, winning the Menehune Longboard Open Final, and taking the Girls title.

The only out-of-state rider to win multiple events was Narragansett, Rhode Island’s Peter Pan, who took both the Legends and Legends Longboard divisions.

Charlie Frodigh, also of Pembroke, won the Boys title. Hannu Pechaukas of Orleans captured the Boys title. Mercy Reed of Orleans won the Womens Longboard division, while Hyannis stylist Shaye Cavanaugh topped the Mens Longboard Final. Jesse Rodriquez of Brockton won the Men’s Bodyboard Final, while Katie Ryan of Sudbury took the Women’s crown.

The toughest contest was the Mens division, where Wellfleet’s Kai Potter edged out Scituate’s John Basile for the win. Adam Lauro of Brewster won the Masters Final, while Matt Richards topped Brendan McCray for the Senior Men’s crown. Both surfers are from nearby Orleans, Massachusetts. Marc Angelillo of Orleans took the Grandmaster’s division, while Mianda Kielpinski of Hyannis captured the Junior Women’s title.

The team event came down to a battle of local surf shops, as the Pump House topped Nauset {{{Sports}}} and The Boarding House for the crown. Gansett Juice of Rhode Island finished in the 4th spot, and Wear and Tear of Nantasket in 5th. The next ESA contest is scheduled for this coming Saturday, at the world famous Narragansett Town Beach. The contest will be on call after 6:00 PM on Friday night, the 5th of August, on the ESA Hotline 401-727-2605.

2005 Cape Cod Surfing Championships RESULTS:

The event was held in perfect 3-5 foot surf produced by Tropical Storm Franklin.
Prizes donated by the Pump House Surf Shop, Da Kine, and Billabong. Menehune
1.Charlie Frodigh
2.Britta Lower
3.Caroline Kimball

1.Hannu Pechukas
2.Wes Walsh
3.Dave White
4.Kyle Algera

1.Eric Anderson
2.Lyle McCuthcheon-Shor
3.Casey McDonald
4.Tee Smith
5.Andrew Tyler

1.Kai Potter
2.John Basile
3.Brandon Silva
4.Dan Hassett
5.Ronaldo Lima
6.Scott Biathrow

1.Adam Lauro
2.Shaye Cavanaugh
3.Matt Rivers
4.Ian Garland

1.Matt Richards
2.Brendon McCray
3.Eric Webber

1.Marc Angelillo
2.Chick Frodigh
3.A.J. Hassett

1.Peter Pan
2.Eric Anderson

1.Nora Vasconcellos
2.Nicole Colarusso

Junior Women
1.Miranda Kielpinski

1.Rachel Flynn
2.Katie Weeks
3.Mercy Reed
4.Kate Ryan
5.Eliza Harned

Senior Women
1.Chris Chabot

Menehune Longboard
1.Nora Casconcellos
2.West Walsh
3.Hannu Pechukas
4.Kyle Algera
5.Tara Carey
6.Katie Schaffer

Junior Longboard
1.Eric Anderson
2.Steve Hassett
3.Casey Macdonald
4.Charles Post
5.Tee Smith
6.Andrew Tyler

Mens Longboard
1.Shaye Cavanaugh
2.Andy Jacob
3.Kai Potter
4.Matt Rivers
5.Brandon Silva
6.Adam Lauro

Master Longboard
1.Brandon McCray
2.Eric Webber
3.A.J. Hassett

Legends Longboard
1.Peter Pan
2.Chick Frodigh
3.Lee Anderson
4.Marc Angelillo

Women Longboard
1.Mercy Reed
2.Miranda Kielpinski
3.Katie Weeks
4.Raya Varner
5.Rachel Flynn
6.Eliza Harned

Senior Women Longboard
1.Joan Vasconcellos
2.Chris Chabot

Bodyboard Open
1.Jesse Rodriquez
2.Pat Redmond
3.Andrew Sestito
4.Peter Pan

Womens Bodyboard
1.Kate Ryan
2.Eliza Harned

1.Pump House
2.Nauset Sports
3.Boarding House
4.Gansett Juice
5.Wear and Tear