SURFING Magazine Announces Carbon Neutrality

Starting with the October Issue, SURFING Magazine will purchase carbon offsets to minimize the impact of their business.

The Second Annual Green Issue, which hits newsstands and surf shops on August 21, 2007, will be the first in a yearlong commitment by the world's most progressive surf magazine to diminish their carbon footprint.

"The first Green Issue focused on global warming and what that will mean for surfers," says Evan Slater, renowned big-wave surfer and Editor of SURFING Magazine. "This year, in addition to expanding our coverage of ocean-awareness-related issues, we wanted to make the magazine itself more accountable."

Working with, the leading non-profit climate change solution provider in the United States, Surfing Magazine will purchase carbon offsets in the form of mangrove reforestation projects in India. Mangroves are important habitat for fish and act to filter ocean pollution. By calculating the CO2 emissions produced by the production, distribution and printing of the magazine, Surfing will be able to neutralize its carbon footprint through reforestation. supports renewable energy, energy efficiency and reforestation projects globally that reduce carbon dioxide emissions and the threat of climate change. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

The celebrated best-selling issue will feature coverage from the Third Annual International Surfing Day, a global event benefiting Surfrider Foundation. This year's issue will focus on ocean water quality, an issue close to every surfer's heart. Additionally, The Green Issue will coincide with launch of "The Green Room," an online eco-resource for surfers on

"We have an obligation to protect the resources that give us so much joy," says SURFING Magazine Publisher Ross Garrett. "Offsets aren't the whole answer, but they might buy us some time. Overall, through this issue and International Surfing Day, we're focused on generating awareness and action with surfers across the globe."

To further the green movement, SURFING is offering its advertising partners special advertising units and {{{incentives}}} for advertising that promotes their green initiatives.

For more information on SURFING Magazine's Green Issue or International Surfing Day, please contact Lauren Orshansky at or log on to

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