Carissa Moore’s New Big Deal

11-time NSSA National champ, former Roxy Pro Gold Coast runner-up and sure-to-be future world champ Carissa Moore has just upped the ante – this time in the sponsorship arena. According to her longtime agent, Bryan Taylor, she's agreed to terms on two major deals – one with Red Bull and the other with Nike 6.0. A third unconfirmed deal is still allegedly in the works with a well-known department store (think: Shaun White). That one should be finalized by Jan. 1. All said and done, the 16-year-old Punahou junior will likely be enjoying one of the most lucrative contacts in female pro surfing history (estimated to be in the range of three-quarters of a million dollars by one anonymous source). “CARISSA’S new agreements have for the first time ever shattered the glass ceiling of surfing sponsorship, opening up new and never heard of before possibilities for other surfers to eventually emulate," says Taylor. "A true 22nd {{{Century}}} deal for the 21st Century, the unparalleled marketing power of CARISSA’S new family of sponsors will enable her to become one of the most brilliant points of light within the entire surfing universe."

Moore, as always, is quick to deflect that light off herself. "We've just been talking a lot to Josh Kendrick at Red Bull and Jason Kenworthy at Nike and they offered a lot of exciting new opportunities," she said yesterday and, referring to other Nike athletes like Tiger Woods, Maria Sharapova and LeBron James: "It's just an honor to be a part of such an incredible team. It's very humbling when you look at the caliber of the athletes Nike sponsors."

As a "head to toe" Nike rider, Moore will likely be marketed not just in the surf world, but in some of their more mainstream campaigns as well. Along with Red Bull's primary sponsorship and the impending department store deal, this marks the first major departure of a young, big-name surfer into the mainstream world (Laird did it in the late '80s with Nike, but those were different times). Even Roxy, who has been with Carissa since Day One and parted amicably with Moore recently, is excited to see what happens. "We only wish the absolute best for Carissa," says Roxy's Danielle Beck. "It's kind of like your first love. At a certain point, you just have to let them go out and spread their wings, and we're excited for her and excited to watch what happens."

Slightly more than a decade after Lisa Andersen and Roxy made women's surfing cool again, we've hit a new milestone. It is now so appealing, and there are so many talented young female surfers, that even the big, non-surf-based brands are taking notice. Carissa is the figurehead of this new movement, and her mentor couldn't be more proud. "Carissa is one of the most talented girls I've ever seen," says Andersen. "I know she will only improve with age and inspire many more generations to come."

Read the official statement regarding Roxy & Carissa Moore’s split HERE