Catching Up With Nathaniel Curran

Nathaniel Curran has strung together one of the most consistent seasons on the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) World Qualifying Series this year. The 24-year-old surfer hailing from Oxnard, California was the first ASP WQS solider to qualify for the 2009 ASP Dream Tour and now the explosive regular-footer will look to finish the season on a positive note while preparing for next year's ASP World Tour campaign.

The ASP caught up with Curran for a quick Q and A on his thoughts on his early qualification, the help he's received from his brothers, his hometown and his excitement for 2009.

You’ve had an amazing year and are one of only a few guys on tour to have officially qualified, what are your plans for the rest of the year now that the pressure is off?

"I guess the pressure is off of course to make the tour, but I still want to finish strong," Curran said. "I'm going to Europe for the last two 6-Stars and then I'm going to Hawaii."

Do you think that the discipline required for recovering from your injury also helped with your mental focus throughout the season?

"Yeah, I think it was a combination of a lot of things," Curran said. "Revenge, determination and staying focused and trying to make enough money to keep my house."

I’m sure that your brother has obviously been a big influence on your career, has he tried to give you a lot of coaching to help you achieve your success, or has he let you find your own way?

"Well, both of my brothers Josh and Tim have been a big help this year from helping picking contests to video taping my heats online," Curran said. "They helped me see how bad I was blowing it in heats."

The Ventura area is currently a hot spot for up and coming talent in the surfing world with people like Dane Reynolds, yourself and younger surfers like Cory Arrambide, what would you attribute to all of the talent coming from your home town?

"I think it's because Ventura is a pretty small town and everyone surfs together and pushes the level," Curran said. "We've also got probably the best spots in California to surf too."

Looking ahead to next year, is there one event specifically that you are looking forward to on the World Tour?

"I can't wait for all of them," Curran said. " Surfing at the best spots in the world with no one out –I really just can't wait for the first comp."

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