Cathching Up With Blake Jones

Blake Jones is known throughout the ASP North American Pro Junior Series as an explosive natural-footer who is dangerous in all conditions. The young surfer from Melbourne Beach, Florida can mesh top-to-bottom surfing with innovative airs and is a constant threat to his fellow competitors.

Jones is currently sitting in the No. 5 position after the completion of six out of nine events on the ASP North America Pro Junior Series, setting him on the bubble for qualification of the coveted 2009 Billabong ASP Pro Junior Championships in Narrabeen, Australia, where the up-and-coming American standout hopes to have a chance to showcase his talent against the rest of the globe's finest junior surfers.

"This is my last year on the Pro Junior series so I'm really trying to do well and make World Championships, but I'm having fun," Jones said. "Surfing against the international guys would be a good way to prepare for the 'QS because those would be the guys you are going to be going up against soon enough. To be able to surf against them now, you can really see what they’re doing and what your doing wrong and can go back and work on those things."

Although Jones is temporarily in a qualification spot for the Billabong ASP World Junior Championships, he knows that a strong finish to his year is a must to hold on to a top five result at the season's end.

"Sitting in No. 5 is nice right now but everything is all so close still, so I'm not counting on anything," Jones said. "I know I have to get some good results still this year. Anyone can get a good result and jump up into the top 5."

The east coast talent will look to hold down his qualifying seed on the ASP North America Pro Junior ratings with the upcoming ASP Grade-2 Oakley Pro Junior presented by Heritage Surf and Sport running on August 29-30, 2008 held in Sea Isle, New Jersey, where Jones was a finalist in last year's event.

"Finishing in the final last year definitely makes me want to go back and do better," Jones said. "I thought that wave was kind of fun. I think most of the waves on the east coast are similar because they're all small little beach breaks."

The end of this year's ASP North America Pro Junior series will mark Jones' graduation from Pro Junior competition into an ASP World Qualifying Series campaign.

"As far as plans for next year, I am going to try to get on as many trips as possible and try to do some bigger 'QS events," Jones said. "I want to try to get some sort of a seed going."

The stylish Floridian is working on sharpening his competitive skills for next year's ASP WQS attack by traveling as much as possible and surrounding himself with some of the highest level of surfing talent he has available.

"I've been preparing for my first 'QS season by surfing with better people and going to all sorts of good places," Jones said. "I've been lucky to get on a couple good trips this year with a lot of guys who surf really good and it helps me to push my surfing when those guys are doing their thing."

Jones will look to keep his Billabong ASP Pro Junior World Championship hopes alive at the upcoming Oakley Pro Junior pres. by Heritage Surf and Sport in Sea Isle, New Jersey, on August 29-30, 2008.

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