Channel Islands Burton Store Grand Opening

Think the stores were packed the day after Thanksgiving? Well you should have seen the grand opening of the new Burton/Channel Islands store on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles Wednesday night. The place was overflowing. Wall-to-wall people. Celebs, pros and industry big wigs were all on hand to sip Tiger beer and mint mojitos while devouring fabulous finger foods and flirtatious eye candy. It was Black Friday with a cocktail and no stress, just the people. The difference between last night's opening and Black Friday at Nordstroms though, was instead of steadfast soccer moms with no-limit AMEX's looking for badly knit sweaters and cologne it was surfers and snowboarders perusing through stacks of shiny new Merrick rip sticks and buttery Burton snow sleds.

The place is a board riding superstore the likes of which we've never seen. And everyone was there to check it out. And I do mean everyone. From Kelly Slater and Rob Machado to movie stars like Amanda Bynes, Amy {{{Smart}}} and Andrew Keegan. Even LA Ink's Kat Von D was there to scope out the new shop and welcome the Burton and CI boys and girls to the neighborhood.

The shop itself is glossy. Polished hardwood floors meander through rows and rows of the best wave crafts of the day. There's tons of incredible memorabilia littered throughout the store as well. From Dane Reynolds giant-killing Lowers board to Rob Machado's Pipe guns and Timmy Curran's Ventura rockets -- it's pretty spectacular the history that's encased in there. Not to mention the selection of new surf and snowboards and equipment you can buy. It's the Apple Store of the surf world; everything you'd ever need displayed sleek and stylishly.

On the roof pro snowboarder and part-time party rock star Trevor Andrews and his band played amid a flock of hot chicks while pros like Arto Saari skated the ramp on the roof, which overlooks all of Los Angeles. So make sure you get out to LA LA Land and check out the new shop. It's worth fighting through the 50 paparazzi you'll have to strong arm to get in the front door.

Special Thanks to the staff at Burton and Channel Islands for the hospitality and the mini burgers. The new place is sick.