Behind The Channel Islands Curtain

A thousand virgins await you at the Channel Islands factory.
When Burton purchased Channel Islands Surfboards over two years ago, the surf world gasped. What would this mean? Was it another corpo takeover that would ruin our beloved surfboards? Or would the new technology forever change the shape of surfing for the better? It was all a mystery, but after SURFING Magazine recently had the opportunity to peruse the new CI factory in Santa Barbara, we can assure you everything will be all right.

Some very important sleds: Kelly, Dane, Jordy, Yadin, and Timmy’s sticks.
The new super factory is plush, clean and most importantly, efficient. It has a revolutionary filtration system for toxins and a few happy dogs running around. As we perused the stacks of thousands of virginal Merricks, 10-year Channel Islands shaper Simon Kile told us about the perks of the new building and how the Burton influence has made a difference. "People were obviously freaking out right when it happened," explained Kile. "But now, looking around here and seeing how efficient and on top of things we are it's hard for people to complain. Not only that, but when you buy a Channel Islands surfboard, you are getting the absolute latest in technology and adjustments. Like when Kelly comes home from a trip and him and Al get in the shaping bay and start to apply new features to a K-Board for example, all that information is immediately put into all the new K-Boards. And having the Burton support allowed us to implement organization into an industry that has never been too organized. We used to write things in pencil on boards, now we have guys scanning bar codes, knowing exactly what's in here. It's completely organized."

Every 20 minutes a freshly dialed-in blank emerges from this machine.
The organization alone has revolutionized surfboards. Hell, it's even introduced a new word to the profession: efficient –– which is not generally associated with surfboard making. But with a machine cranking out a fresh new surfboards every 20 minutes, some of the most experience shapers in the world dialing them in, and Al still actively working with Kelly, Dane Reynolds, Yadin Nicol, Rob Machado, Tim Curran, Tom Curren, Jordy Smith and more, it's pretty evident the product coming out of Channel Islands is still the {{{Ferrari}}} of surfboards and won't be stopping anytime soon.

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