CJ Hobgood Joins Finatic

The Surfboard Warehouse, Inc. and specifically the Finatic™ Fin Testing Program™ proudly announce the signing of CJ Hobgood to a multi-year sponsorship deal. Chris Hough, founder and owner of www.TheSurfboardWarehouse.com and creator of Finatic™ is elated not only to have CJ Hobgood become part of the Finatic™ team and become a Finatic™ member, but to also have someone of CJ’s caliber share in his vision. CJ has been an advocate for Finatic™ since he first heard about it. "With premium sets of fins from any manufacturer easily retailing in the $100 dollar range, how are surfers supposed to try different fins to see what works best for their surfing?" Hobgood asks. "It’s an honor and privilege to be a part of the Finatic™ Fin Testing Program™ and to help advance the sport of surfing with this one of a kind, revolutionary concept. If you're a surfer you need to have the ability to test the best equipment in the world and Finatic™ delivers."

The Finatic™ Fin Testing Program™ has been around for over five years and was started as concept of Hough’s, spun out of his retail site www.TheSurfboardWarehouse.com. Finatic™ was designed and developed to operate on the same premise as Netflix, but for Surfboard Fins. Finatic™ members choose from several membership levels starting with a Basic membership at $9.99/mo. The Surfboard Warehouse, Inc. is even offering new Finatic™ members their first month at $0.99 to get started. "We want to make sure new Finatic™ members understand the program first hand with basically no risk, as we understand it's a new concept for the surf industry as a whole," Hough says. "Once surfers have a chance to try the program we're confident that they'll see how different fins affect their surf style and they'll continue to let Finatic™ bring progression and innovation into their surfing."

Finatic™ Basic members can pick any three sets of fins they want to test and then they're sent one of those choices, of course all shipping is covered by the monthly membership fee. The Finatic™ Fin Testing Program™ currently offers every fin that FCS, Future, Kinetic Racing, Fin-S, Rainbow and Turbo Tunnel make. Finatic™ has signed exclusives with some fin manufacturers for the program and will have access to new fins as soon as they become available. Members can test each set of fins as long as they want, then when they're ready for a different set they simply send their current Finatic™ fins back in the prepaid envelope and they're sent one of their next choices. Finatic™ Premium and Platinum memberships offer even more fins and even more perks, including the ability for "Multiple Set, True Side by Side Comparison" for elite surfers that want to compare different fins in the same session. "Signing an established athlete like C.J. Hobgood shows the world that a service like Finatic™ can help any surfer regardless of skill level better dial in their equipment and help push the limits of what's possible," says Hough. "It's been a long road and a lot of hard work, but Finatic™ has finally arrived."

For more on the Finatic™ Fin Testing Program™ see www.TheSurfboardWarehouse.com