Wow. Can’t say we didn’t ask for this one.

A few weeks ago, we asked you the viewers what you thought about the closure of Clark Foam and how it would affect you. At first we started off with a little poll trying to get a feel for things. But then we realized – ‘Hey, why not let everyone write in if they want to say more?’.Well, you wrote in. A lot.Below are just a few of the HUNDREDS of emails we received on the subject:(Names have been left off to protect the opinionated. And please keep in mind that the views expressed below do not necessarily reflect the opinions of SURFING Magazine)

Letter #1:
I’m stoked that it will break up the monopoly, however it seems like a very unethical departure for Grubby Clark. Did he lie about the EPA and those other claims of his? I wouldn’t mind paying more for a more environmentally friendly board if the change comes around.

Letter #2:
Overall, it really sucks right now. However, i’m hopeful for the future (with the breakup of the monopoly) and think the sacrifice is worth getting Grubby out of the picture.

Letter #3:
Clark Foam use to make crap foam, and shapers like that because then the client has to buy several boards a year because the board don't last long.

Letter #4:
I think what this is going to do is force the industry and garage shapers, like myself, take a good, hard look at alternative materials. Is this a bad thing? No. What this really is, is a new challenge.I think EPS blanks will be widely available, but I did notice that most sites with those resources had pulled their catalog prices to re-evaluate those prices. Odd.

Letter #5:
It sucks for me because I was sponsored by a fairly small board company and got trade-ins. But now I think that I’m going to have to work again to get my boards which really sucks because now I’m going to have to spend more time working and less time surfing.

Letter #6:
Clark foam was awesome and old technology. Let’s see if we can drum up some new, more eco-friendly and durable foam. Cost is cost, we can’t change it and it definitely won’t be cheaper anyway we go.

Letter #7:
Thanks a lot Clark Foam. I was going to purchase a new surfboard for my son to have under the Christmas tree this year, but since you abandoned the surfboard industry, all the shops have now jacked up prices beyond what I can afford.

Letter #8:
Grubby Clark? Money-Grubby is more like it. I guess this is where the surfing industry becomes more like other industries like skiing. You know, where only the rich can afford to do it. I feel like the average surfer who makes an average salary can no longer surf the way they want to.

Letter #9:
Well it’s about f-ing time! How long did we think we could go polluting the environment without some sort of reprocussions? As surfers, we are some of the most hypocritical people on the planet. We campaign for organizations lik Surfrider, yet we encourage one of the most environmentally-dangerous industries with our purchase of every Clark Foam surfboard blank. I think it’s about time that the surfboard industry was forced to clean up their act.

And just in case you were wondering, here are the results to that little poll we took:
(Poll results are as of 12/21/2005)What will YOU do now that Clark Foam has shut down?Try epoxy – why not try something new?: 21%
Wait it out – someone will make polyester blanks again: 29%
Ride a Surftech / pop-out board: 8%
Just be REALLY careful with the boards I already have: 40%