Cocktail Hour With Nate Yeomans


By Chas Smith; Photos By Nate Lawrence

The grey is fading into shades of darker grey. Rain continuing to sprinkle on Gold Coast children too poor for shelter. And those who feel that "backpacking" is a lifestyle. It will be night soon and it has been a busy day. Time to unwind. It is living room cocktail hour at the Columbia. A finer thing. New Zealand red wines from the Waipara region in proper balloon glasses. Simple and warming. It is also time to discuss the finer things with such a totally sophisticated man. Nate Yeomans.

Nate is a San Clemente local. A goofy footer born and bred on Lowers lefts. He is tall, tan, handsome and a rookie on this 2010 World Tour. Yet he is not a child anymore. He has seen and lived this life. He wears specs to read. Sophisticated. He also charges reckless surf fearlessly.

He wears a black Rusty t and black Rusty shorts. Relaxed.

And we discuss...

His kind of women:

Ahhh. I could get in trouble here. Mmmm I like brunettes with olive skin.

I ask if his wife is a brunette with olive skin and he laughs.


His kind of car:

The one I have now is an '08 Toyota Tacoma but my ideal would be an Audi Station wagon. No, not a 2010. They fucked up the body this year. I would say either an '07 or '08. They are bad ass.

His kind of cologne:

You know, I don't wear cologne that much. My wife bought me a bottle years ago and I think I still have half of it left. But it is Giorgio Armani. I burned out on cologne because my grandpa wore so so much. Then when I hugged him, or whatever, it would stick on me. I'd smell it days later and think, "What the fuck is this?" So I am not a big cologne guy.

His kind of movie:

I like funny. Oh, and Avatar. That movie was bullshit. Movie of the year for sure. Did you see it? After I walked out of the theater I just wanted to be able to live in that blue people land. I would so rather live there.

His kind of dinner:

Enchiladas. Chicken enchiladas with rice and refried beans. No, not at a restaurant, my mom's. Actually, scratch that. My wife is getting them down now too so maybe I'd have hers. Mmmmm. No. Mom's.

Boosting at home in California.  Photo: Nate Lawrence

Boosting at home in California. Photo: Nate Lawrence

His kind of music:

You know I'm kind of all over the place with music. I like classic rock. I went through a big reggae phase a rap phase...what was I listening to before I paddled out in my round two heat? Oh, it was something real techy. Techno.

He lost his round two heat and I ask if he will ever listen to techno again.

Hahahah. Yeah I'll listen for sure. Before a heat it all depends on my mood. If I need to amp up or calm down. Like, before the Coldwater Classic I was listening to Reggae because I was over amped so I needed to mellow out.

He won the Coldwater Classic.

His kind of wave:

That wave Ry had looked pretty sick. ("There is no I in go Ry" is playing on plasma. It is a thick barreling North Western Australian Slab). I like long lefts. Macaronis. Lowers would be ideal if no one was out....

His kind of claim:

Fist pump. I haven't gotten a wave worth claiming in a while but I like to come out, stare at the judges and just give that fist pump. Though, I like Parko's ten too. When he comes out and shows the judges the score they should give. That is pretty great. But it'd be embarrassing if you came out, showed the ten and they gave you a five.

His kind of life:

Fuck. It is pretty ideal as is. I mean, not losing in the 2nd round of the Quiksilver Pro would be nice but other than that....I just bought a house in San Clemente. I got it at the perfect time...was saving my money all through and right when the price dropped out I had enough to get a good one. I have a house a wife. I remember talking with friends about what the ideal life would be in our late 20s when we were younger and it was own a house, have a wife and still be surfing. I have to pinch myself. That is what I am doing.

Nate swirls his red once more, then finishes. He pauses for a moment and looks out the window, savoring. The grey has turned to black. A yeoman typically refers to a blue collarish sort. A dull hard worker. Nate so isn't. He is a polished, ideal Southern California gentleman.

Nate Yeomans; Photo Nate Lawrence

Nate Yeomans; Photo Nate Lawrence