Coming Soon! For the Sake of Hugh Manatee

Unconventional Wisdom: Richie Lovett

Stand up with Maddie and Hugh the manatee for humanity. Join us as Maddie and Hugh paddle upstream and discover some of the problems affecting the watershed and that are adversely impacting the ocean and its life forms.For the Sake of Hugh Manatee has vivid illustrations by Ron Croci and an attention getting story line that will compel you and your family to take action for clean water. Our world depends on it!

A large part of the proceeds will go to support The Maddie James Seaside Learning Center at the Ocean Institute in Dana Point, CA. The Center and its unique programming immerse all visitors, many of whom have never seen the ocean before, in hands-on experiences with the ocean and its marine life. Maddie passed away at the age of five due to an inoperable brain tumor, but her love of the ocean will live on forever through all that visit this very special place.

To learn more about the foundation please visit the website and view the video. Have some Kleenex on hand.

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