Coming Soon: Matt Meola’s Spindle 540

matt11Matt Meola. Photo: Lily Meola

Progression comes better as a shove, and not a push. Matt Meola has had two strong hands in pushing surfing for a while, but he recently gave it a very stern shove. Somewhere in the windy seclusion of Maui, Matt stuck one of the best airs we’ve ever seen.

It’s called a spindle 540 and it’s wow. The spindle part of the name comes from the corkscrew-almost-backflip-things [2:38] that Matt has stuck plenty of. The 540 part comes from the fact that he added an extra rotation to the beast, a la Kelly Slater’s 540 seen ’round the world from last year in Portugal. Matt plans on releasing the spindle 540 (and subsequently setting the whole entire internet on fire) in an edit dropping very soon. Stay tuned, darling.

@mattmeola did something….

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