Coming Tomorrow: Boiler Boys

Dane sees a green lip and he wants it painted black.Dane Reynolds, a Boiler Boy. Photo: Corey Wilson

Earlier this year Dane Reynolds, Yadin Nicol and Dillon Perillo went to Morocco on a trip for SURFING. For Dane and Dillon it was also a last minute strike to gather clips for their respective parts in Cluster, and for Yadin, it was meant to be the first trip of a TBD movie project.

Dane landed our cover, a few waves made it into Cluster and we also created this interactive feature. But there were still so many leftover clips. Just sitting there. Trapped on a bright orange hard drive.

Then Yadin's plans changed. Rather than hold onto the footage any longer, he scrapped the idea of a full length feature and handed the harddrive over to Dane, which Dane turned into a masterful short. The edit — titled Boiler Boys — drops right here on tomorrow.

Some things aren't worth the wait. But Boiler Boys definitely is.

And if you or any of your dear friends are in Huntington Beach tomorrow night…