Coming Tomorrow: Evan Geiselman’s Sum Clips

Evan Geiselman pitches fin.Evan Geiselman. Photo: Corey Wilson

Evan Geiselman is plenty talented to simply surf free. With the backing of a sponsor that promotes aesthetic voyaging he could set the dial to cruise, produce a few clips a year and ride out a nice, comfortable career. But he won’t. Evan isn’t #justpassingthrough. The kid is here to stay.

Evan spent his wonder years going toe-to-toe with Kolohe. But then Kolohe qualified. And Evan got hurt. He f–ked up his ankle in Costa Rica and went straight into surgery. Pins. Plates. Screws. Three years later and he’s finally surfing like, well, himself. He’s 51 on the WQS and his goal is to position himself inside the top 25 by the end of this year. This kid belongs on tour. Look for his edit, SumClips, to prove that point tomorrow. —Jake Tellkamp

Is SumClips a hard drive dump for the year?
I wouldn't call it a flush of the memory card exactly. I wanted to do a few really good trips to put out a mini short. Sumclips is a result of a trip to Lakey's back in April and a trip to Baja at the beginning of the year.

Who shot it?
Travis Kuhlman shot the Mexico moments and Gianni Giannulli, who lives in Bali, came with me to Lakey's and shot the bulk of the clip ​​ there. Michael Lopez, who I've been filming with since I started making clips, edited it for me.

Most memorable session?
There was a silhouetted session just before dark and the wind switched around and blew into the left. That's where I got the best clips, a few barrels and combos. I was so freaking excited, a super memorable session for sure.

Will this be the last we see from you before the Reef movie?
The new Reef movie comes out next June, so I'll definitely release another clip before then. The back half of the year for me is full comp ​​ mode so I'll probably start filming for the Reef movie in Hawaii and start saving all of my clips for that.

Any magic crafts in the film?
​I got a lot of clips on ​ ​boards my dad shaped me​. ​ I ​​ had a Lee Stacey that went amazing down in Baja. ​​