Competitive Statements

Owen Wright

Jordy, Owen and John John shine in perfect Lowers at the Nike 6.0 Lowers Pro

By Matt Skenazy
Photos: Brent Hilleman

Is there a better place for a contest than Lowers when it's pumping? No, I don't think so. The wave is so high performance that it makes average surfers look incredible, and incredible surfers look like Jordy, and they make Jordy look like the king of the world.

The sun has been shining, the weather sweet, the waves overhead, and with three or four men in the water at any given time there's always someone up and riding. And when it's this good, they're not just riding, they're flying. The highlight reel for the day could be a video part.

So far our pre-contests picks are still in the contest. Jordy Smith has continued as the form surfer of the event, but John John Florence, Cory Lopez and Owen Wright have all made statements too. Especially John John.

Trestles has always been a high performance wave, but now, with nearly all of the best surfers in the world present, and a solid south swell pulsing through the Lowers Pro has turned into the most innovative surfing contest in history.

"This is the kind of contest I like being a part of," Josh Kerr said after he and Cory Lopez advanced out of their round of 24 heat by spending more time in the air than on the wave. "When Lowers is like this it's just begging for big moves and innovative surfing."

No longer can you surf on rail to the beach and get a good score. Two and three airs, all different, are what get you nines. And nines are being dropped consistently. If you were on the beach, or watching the webcast, it was virtually impossible to do anything else; there was just too much going on.

I know tomorrow is Saturday and that you probably have your own surfing to do, but if you get a chance watch as much of the final day as you can. With matchups like Owen vs. Andy and Josh Kerr vs. Jordy, guys are gonna be going mad.

Stay tuned to and for all the action.

Kolohe AndinoKolohe Andino. Green Flash.

John Florence progressed with big progressive manuevers .John Florence progressed with big progressive manuevers .

Sebastian ZietzSebastian Zietz. Big backside air.