Dear Surfing,

I wanted to send a note and ask that you print this in some section ofSurfing.

My cousin and her husband were married a few years ago. Theyhave lived in La Conchita most of their lives. They grew up next door toeach other and have been lifetime friends and now family. My other cousinand her husband lived next door to them in La Conchita.

On Monday, January 10th, a landslide tore their lives apart. One cousin’s home was destroyed under dirt and the other’s house was Red Tagged as unsafe to inhabit.

I called Pete {{{Rocky}}} at Hurley and let him know what happened, as he knewsome of them growing up. Pete wanted to know that everybody was OK. He thenasked if there was anything he could do since he knew their homes weredestroyed. Within 24 hours Hurley sent a box of clothes and shoes for mycousins and their husbands.

This box of clothes was distributed among the four of them and also toothers in La Conchita that had lost everything. Lots of people have offeredtheir help and everything is appreciated, but we all thank Hurley for thetoken of goodwill they have passed along.

For all the well wishes that have been bestowed upon the residents of LaConchita, we thank you. If you want to help in any way, please donate tothe Red Cross. They have been phenomenal in the way they rallied to helpall the residents. They truly are an incredible organization and many ofus would of had a much more difficult time had they not been there.

Thank you,
An anonymous La Conchita Resident.

To donate to the Red Cross, please CLICK HERE.