Can Mirrors Help Your Surfing?

parker1If you haven’t watched it yet, Parker’s latest edit is a must-see.

As a kid, if I positioned my bedroom mirror juuust right, I could still see the TV from the bathroom, where I'd watch my favorite surf movies from the comfort of my porcelain throne. It wasn't the most sanitary theatre, but it was a relaxing one nonetheless. Open door policy applied.

The only catch? All of my favorite surfers were reflected as their counter-stance. Andy Irons a goofy, Rob Machado regular — and it was a strangely intriguing sight. As it turns out, I'm not the only one who enjoyed the different view.

As you may have already noticed, Parker Coffin's new edit features both his natural stance (goofy) and an encore with him as a regular foot. All the same carves, turns and airs, mirrored for your enjoyment. So I gave Parker a call to talk about our shared reflective interest, and to hear his theory behind this simple, yet unique, concept.

So, give me a little insight into this whole goofy/regular thing. I remember doing this as a kid but has anyone really done it in an edit?

Taylor Steele always had those weird hidden bonus features where, if you could hunt down the passcode, you could see people surf in their opposite stance.
This past year I spent 5 months out of the water due to injuries and I watched every single surf movie sooo many times. I was getting bored of the same thing over and over again so I bought this special little mirror thing that I would put in front of my computer. I got super addicted to it. It all just made so much more sense to me and everything was so much more relatable. Now I pretty much only study footage of goofyfoots.
It's such a simple thing, but it tricks your mind and just feels so different. It doesn't even feel like you're watching the same surfer sometimes.

And that's a huge part of learning — watching footage and trying to mimic it. It's pretty hard if you're a regularfoot trying to study a goofyfoot and vice versa.

Exactly. The best way to learn is just to watch, and if it's opposite, then it's not really relatable. So this just seemed like an easy way to make it relatable to a bigger group of people.
I'm hoping that maybe some kid that's a regular foot will now be able to relate to my footage better if he could see it as a regular foot. That was really the backbone of the idea. Just trying to intrigue kids to watch my surfing.

Did you trip out on your own surfing when you saw it mirrored?

Yea, I've been doing it for the past couple months just out of boredom. As weird as it sounds, I kind of like the way I look as a regular foot better. Even though it's the same thing it just feels different. Maybe it's because I see rights so much more where I'm from and I've always secretly dreamt about being regular foot so I could go frontside at Rincon [laughs].

Were there any surfers that you switched and thought "F–k, they would be a better goofyfoot, or a better regularfoot"?

Yeah, you know what's weird is that some people, if you flip them, they don't look right for some reason. But I thought Tom Curren was always the most badass looking goofyfoot ever. I think it's because he's such a stylish guy and goofyfoots for whatever reason tend to be more stylish characters than regulars in general.
They're more unique for some reason. Like no regular foot has ever surfed like Occy, no regular surfs like Bobby Martinez, or Rob Machado or Kalani Robb. They're all really individual surfers. But when I flipped Curren, I was like, "Woah, no goofyfoot surfs like Tom Curren."
The guys you watch really determine who you surf like. So it's cool to be able to watch anybody you want in a relatable way.

It's a simple concept, but it's true.

And it trips me out that people haven't done this yet! Especially in this modern day of web clips where everyone's tried so hard to make shit different.

How'd your brother surf goofy? Have you looked at him?

Yeah he surfs sick as a goofyfoot, because no goofyfoot really surfs like him. No goofy has that crazy rail carve and power game. The only other person that I could remotely say surfs look my brother is Ry Craike — how he comes off the bottom super hard. Besides that, no goofy really surfs like Conner. So, I've actually been watching a lot of his footage because I really like the way he surfs. I think it's pretty different than a lot of other people.