2008 Da Hui Backdoor Shootout Day Two

At 6:40 am HST (Hawai'i Standard Time), TJ Barron landed at Honolulu International airport. By 4:12 pm HST, TJ was in a 10 point, standup tube at Day Two of the 6th Annual Da Hui Backdoor Shootout. {{{Eight}}} minutes before that wave, the North Shore native scored another 6-foot Backdoor barrel. He followed up with a Pipeline tube. Thus, catching four, epic rides in less than 20 minutes. Barron clocked more Pipeline tube time in one heat than many of the visiting WCT surfers this whole winter. Damn, it feels good to be surfing at home!

TJ flew in from a five-star 'QS event in Florida and was rewarded handsomely for not jet lagging: 4-to 6- occasional 8-foot Pipeline with light tradewinds. The northwest swell drastically declined from the first day of competition and opened up more opportunities for high scores. TJ replaced Billy Zietz on Team Billabong, a wise strategy for the squad judging by Barron's fourth round performance.

Bruce Irons and Team Volcom also came up big in round four when he jumped to first place with a total of 127. 2 points. Irons claimed an 11.4 out of 12 score after a double overhead Backdoor drainer. The WCT surfer recognizes that his performance is always elevated outside of the normal contest format, especially when the rights are bowling.

"These are the best waves I surfed all year. The swell is getting perfect right now," said the Kauaian regular foot. "[Da Hui Backdoor Shootout lets] the best Pipeline surfers surf out there in an expression format and not a heat format. It's all about having fun and getting barreled."

Irons wasn't the only Kaua'i Boy having a blast at the Shootout, Tyler Newton, 17, grew a new patch of short and curlies by pulling into multiple big, shacking waves. The judges claimed that the Garden Isle grom was hands-down the best surfer under the drinking age at the event. Newton scored entry into Da Hui Backdoor Shootout by replacing Fred Patacchia, who was unable to surf due to tonsil surgery. The young regular-foot surfed brilliantly despite having little to no experience at big Banzai Pipeline.

"It's crazy and huge! Biggest I've ever surfed out there," admitted Newton. "I just put in my first, full winter [on the North Shore] and I don't have that much experience, I just got lucky I guess. I'm psyching!"

Da Hui Backdoor Shootout directors are also getting lucky and psyching. With a new northwest swell expected to fill in over the weekend and four days left in their permit, contest directors will let the surfers decide if they want to hold an extra round of competition for the opportunity to surf The Banzai with only four guys out. If they decide to run an extra day on Saturday, it's still up in the air for the competition.

If they don't' run an extra round, Bruce Irons will become the only surfer to win a Pipe Masters, Pipeline Pro and Da Hui Backdoor Shootout. Not too mention, a whopping $50, 000 check for surfing perfect Pipe with "the boys." God, it's good to be home!